A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Walmart no longer selling handgun ammunition:

• Several gun and ammo retailers in the readership area of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph will gladly enjoy an uptick in business. That’s a positive for the community — Jeff B. 

• I applaud any store that doesn’t allow shoppers to carry guns in with them. I have no secret spidey sense that tells me if a carrier is a “good guy” or a “bad guy” — Shelia H. 

• Just so all of you know, only about 50 percent of Walmarts even sell guns. On top of that, Walmart is very rigorous and tight on all gun sales. I really don’t think this is a political move, but rather a way to save money. Walmart has to pay to train any associates who handle firearms or ammo, they have to be fingerprinted and bonded by the state they work in. Honestly, Walmart would save more hassle if they just stopped selling anything to do with guns — Jon S. 

• Walmart CEO Doug McMillion also lends support for strengthening background checks, red flag laws, says effectiveness of assault weapons ban “should be debated.” Adds: “We must also do more, as a country, to understand the root causes that lead to this type of violent behavior.” — Becky R.

• They are not much along the lines of a sporting goods retailer anyway. Can’t ever find any help back there. I have not bought ammo at Walmart in a long time. They keep offending different people they will hurt their business. Grass roots people are their livelihood — Clarence McB. 

• Ban cars so people don’t die in wrecks to be safe. Also tell Walmart to stop selling forks, they make people fat and cause diabetes — Jannell C. 

• Do you think this will stop criminals from carrying guns when they get in the mood to mow people down? Criminals do not obey the laws. Law abiding citizens are not the problem — Cynthia W. 

• If a routine shopping trip to Walmart makes you feel uncomfortable enough that you feel you need a gun to go, I suggest you just stay home and do online shopping. Problem solved — Angela S. 

On a story about the Pentagon deferring 127 building projects to fund the border wall sought by President Donald Trump:

• I love all this complaining about the funding. Short memories on the left. It was only a few short months ago they stubbornly blocked any funding for border security — Bill C. 

• Our military and their families will be put in danger because no one will stand up to this clown-in-chief. Where are our military leaders, our chiefs-of-staff whose role is to protect and take care of their soldiers and their families. They should be ashamed of themselves — Bill S. 

• And if the construction happens to encroach on privately-owned lands, the owners are screwed. “The Laredo project and one in El Centro, California, are on private property, which would require purchase or confiscation.” In other words, if the owners won’t sell, the government is going to try and take it. How many of you Trump supporters would be willing to give up your private property for this? Be honest, if you can — Donald Z. 

• If you really want to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S., start prosecuting and jailing employers who hire them. In spite of what you read, the vast majority of them come here to find work, not to kill Americans and sell drugs — Jamie E. 

On a story about the deadly shooting in Odessa, Texas:

•  I support the NRA! — David R. 

• I dunno, maybe citizens shouldn’t have access to weapons of mass murder like that — Jackson H. 

• Why do people need assault style weapons? Should at least have a thorough background check — Wendal M. 

• Everyone should carry a weapon, then maybe someone can put a stop to a mass murder before it becomes a mass — Robert N. 

• Just another crazy nut who has now joined some more crazy nuts burning in hell!— Larry T. 

On a story about the Trump administration announcing $2 billion in opioid grants:

• Well I think that’s just wonderful. Hopefully the money will be used to fight opioid addiction instead of being transferred into the general fund to line the pockets of the politicians and their personal pet projects — Neal V. 

• Hopefully W.Va. gets a fair share. Our AG sure dropped the ball on compensation from big pharma — Donald Z. 

• They won’t get to anyone who needs help. It will go to his buddies who will “research ways to stop abuse.” — Jon S. 



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