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RICHLANDS, Va. — An escaped inmate out of Tazewell County who has been on the run for nearly a year has been apprehended in Florida.

Joshua Adam Keen, 36, was receiving medical treatment in late March of 2019, as an inmate, when he escaped from the Clinch Valley Medical Center, according to a previous statement from the Richlands Police Department. The department announced Thursday that Keen was apprehended by law enforcement of the Port Orange Police Department in Florida.

According to Richlands Police Chief J.W. Gilbert, Keen was apprehended in Florida on charges of vagrancy and resisting without violence arrest. Gilbert was informed by Florida law enforcement that Keen was booked into their system under the name John Doe.

Gilbert believes that Keen refused to provide his true identity to Florida law enforcement to which officers then entered his fingerprints into a database. After running his fingerprints, the Florida officers were able to determine his identity and discover his warrants.

As for what Keen has been up to since his escape in March of 2019, Gilbert said “We know he had been bounced around. As of three weeks ago, he was in the Richmond area.”

Keen is currently being held in Florida until extradition can take place. According to the release the Richlands Police Department is appreciative of all law enforcement agencies that assisted in Keen’s apprehension.

Prior to his escape, Keen was serving time at the Haysi Regional Jail located in Dickenson County, Va. Before being charged with escape Keen was charged with aggravated sexual battery, indecent liberty with a child and forcible sodomy, according to Gilbert.

In early April of 2019 Keen was spotted in the Jolo area of McDowell County driving a red flatbed truck. This sighting of Keen was captured on surveillance footage to which law enforcement of the Richlands Police Department confirmed that it was indeed Keen.

After this sighting was confirmed the truck that Keen was seen driving was recovered in Greenbrier County, in the Lewisburg area, according to the Covington, Va. Police Department. A secondary sighting of Keen was made at the Lewisburg Walmart during this time as well.

Several law enforcement agencies assisted in searching for Keen including the United States Marshal Service.

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