Mitchell Stadium

Today is the last day for people to vote for Mitchell Stadium in the final round of USA Today’s poll for America’s Best High School Football Stadium.

BLUEFIELD — Today marks the last day for voting on USA Today’s America’s Best High School Football Stadium competition.

At 2 p.m. voting to determine the grand champion will close thus claiming the winner. The competition is run entirely by which stadium has the most votes, with voting being completely unlimited.

The stadium not only hosts the famous Beaver vs. Graham game but it also sees other teams play on its field. From high school to college the stadium sees teams from both of the two Virginia’s.

The stadium offers a unique setting by primarily serving two high school teams in two separate states. With Bluefield High School and Graham High School calling the stadium home, it itself is a gem of the high school stadium world.

At 7:30 p.m. on Sunday night Mitchell stadium was leading the voting race at 67 percent versus 32 percent. Opposing Mitchell Stadium is R.R. Jones stadium of El Paso Texas.

As aforementioned voting is limitless. City officials have encouraged all with ties to Bluefield, or West Virginia and Virginia in general, to vote for the stadium to show their support.

Voting can be done on the USA Today website at

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