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BLUEFIELD — A Virginia man serving in the Army Reserves was facing a charge of second-degree sexual assault after an incident with another member of his unit was reported at a local hotel.

Nicholas Alexander Groves, 27, of Glade Springs, Va., was arrested and charged with second-degree sexual assault after the Bluefield Police Department was called out to investigate an alleged sexual assault at a Bluefield hotel, Detective Sgt. K.L. Adams stated in his criminal complaint. Adams was informed while responding that a male member of the Army Reserves until stationed out of Bluefield had allegedly sexually assaulted a female member of the unit in one of the hotel rooms.

Adams said he was informed that the male suspect, Groves, was in a hotel room while the female victim was in a separate room. Groves was detained for questioning and transported to the Bluefield Police Department, and Adams met with the victim.

In the criminal complaint, Adams stated that he interviewed the victim about the events of the Jan. 5 incident. The victim said that Groves and other members of the unit had  been hanging out in her room after coming back from a drill. Later in the interview, the victim said Groves had been drinking during the evening, “and was very intoxicated to the point of him vomiting.”

The victim stated that members of her unit had Groves take a shower in an attempt to sober him up, and that Groves had fallen asleep on her room’s extra bed, Adams said. Other members of the unit stayed in the room for a short time before going to their own rooms. She told them Groves could sleep on the extra bed and would wake him in the morning so he would not miss drill.

Adams said the victim described how she went to sleep on the other bed, and she woke up to find Groves on top of her, with her pants down, and assaulting her sexually. She said she immediately threw Groves off her and onto the floor. She then contacted her unit commander, who was staying in another room. Other members of the unit removed Groves from her room. The victim was transported to Bluefield Regional Medical Center by members of her unit to have a rape kit performed.

Adams spoke with Groves at the police department after he was read his Miranda Rights and signed a Miranda waiver form agreeing to be interviewed about the incident, according to the criminal complaint. 

Groves stated that he went out to eat with other members of his unit and started drinking before he left, and continued drinking at the restaurant. Groves said he returned to the hotel and had more alcoholic beverages, Adams said in the criminal complaint.

“Groves stated he remembered becoming sick from alcohol, and taking a shower,” Adams said. “Groves said he remembered getting in a bed and going to sleep. Groves advised the next thing he remembered was being thrown into the floor and (the victim) striking him with her fists. Groves stated (the victim) got on the phone and told him he was done.”

“Groves was very emotional and stated he was sorry for what he had done,” Adams stated in the criminal complaint. “Groves stated he believed he had sexually assaulted (the victim), and advised that she had always tried to help him in the Army. Groves said (the victim) would have no reason to lie about what had happened.”

Adams noted in his report that Groves was interviewed around 4 a.m.

“At that time, Det. Sgt. Adams found Groves to be highly alert, orientated, and showing little to no signs of impairment from the alcohol he had drank,” according to the report. “Groves knew the correct day of the week, all of his pertinent information, and his current location at the time of the interview.”

Second-degree sexual assault carries a possible sentence of 10 to 25 years in prison. Groves was being held Wednesday at the Southern Regional Jail on a $20,000 cash-only bond. 

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