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Glenwood Park is pictured above.

PRINCETON — Overturned and broken tables at three of a local park’s picnic shelters were discovered Wednesday morning, but the family of one perpetrator later came forward, the park’s superintendent said.

Vandals at the park Tuesday evening left damage at three picnic shelters, said Superintendent Kevin Dials. They are the shelters visitors encounter first when they drive along the park’s road.

“It was at the first three picnic shelters: one, two and three,” Dials said. “They overturned a lot of picnic tables and a couple of them they broke apart. One of them was brand new and the other was maybe a few years old. I would say the picnic tables are around $120 apiece.”

A hose faucet was also broken. Vandalism has not been a serious problem at the park, Dials stated.

“We will get just a few isolated acts of vandalism here and there, but this is by far the worst so far,” he said. “There’s a lot of people who use these shelters. We keep the shelter booked every weekend and sometimes during the week, too.”

One person involved with the vandalism has come forward.

“I actually got a call a little bit ago from a father who said his son admitted to being one of four people did it,” Dials said. adding it was likely that the others were juveniles as well. 

Dials did not plan to contact law enforcement Wednesday.

“If they’re coming and admitting it to me, I probably will not do that. We may work out some volunteer hours or something if they want to do that,” he said. “There’s a little remorse, sounds like. Maybe they just need a good talking to.”

Work on a new shelter for the park is continuing. 

“We’re working on getting a group of volunteers to put that shelter together,” Dials said.

Anyone who would like to volunteer at the park can call 304-425-1681.

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