Cows on the tracks

Three cows were spotted on the railroad tracks in Bluefield Monday evening, halting Norfolk Southern trains. 911 dispatchers confirmed the cows were caught at about 9:45 p.m.

BLUEFIELD — Trains were stopped Monday evening when three cows managed to get onto the railroad tracks going through the City of Bluefield.

The cows were reported about 7:38 p.m. in the vicinity of East Wayne Street, according to a dispatcher with Mercer County 911.

Officers with the Bluefield Police Department went on the tracks with a livestock trailer to get the animals contained. They were near the Bluefield Daily Telegraph about 9 p.m. working to coax the animals into the trailer.

Onlookers watched from across the tracks near Bluefield State College and shot pictures and videos with their cellphones. The cattle came out of the woods near Airport Road near Hurricane Ridge, said Angie Sharp of Bluefield.

“Then they came into Bluefield on Carter Street, and that’s quite a trek,” she said.

The cows “jumped” on a car at the east end of Bluefield, Sharp added.

Officers continued to work as darkness fell. The cattle broke away at one point, but were herded back toward the trailer.

Francine Saunders of Bluefield said that she was outside cutting bushes when a neighbor saw the cows.

“They came under the Grant Street Bridge to here,” she said.

Trains were halted by Norfolk Southern while the cows were along the tracks, Mercer 911 dispatchers said.

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