PAGETON — Two stores have been opened, a restaurant is under construction, and a service station is being planned to bring some more business and jobs to McDowell County.

Signs advertising the new Dogwood Fabric and Quilt, a store located near Pageton, were erected recently beside Route 52 along with billboards in Mercer County. Marina Church of McDowell County said she decided to open a fabric store when a business in Bluefield, Va. closed its doors.

“We lost Jo-Ann Fabrics and I wanted to put something back, because I was told 75 percent of their customers came from McDowell County,” Church said. “Well, my daughter used to work there years ago. I got to be good friends with the manager, and that’s what she told me when they closed out. She actually encouraged me to open a fabric store.”

Church said the fabric store offers quilting supplies and handmade quilts. On Thursday, she had the grand opening for an adjacent store called A Little of This and A Little of That.

“We actually have a little of this and a little of that,” she said. “We offer clothing, we have household items, ammunition. We have knives, jewelry, and we have tools and DVDs, and cosmetics, and seasonal items and toys. Hence the name, A Little of This and A Little of That.”

Besides opening two stores, Church has plans for a restaurant and eventually a service station,

“We are in the process of building our kitchen for our restaurant right now,” she said. “We’re going to serve hot sandwiches and we’re going to have ice cream and shakes.”

Church said her goal was to help bring more businesses to her community.

“Actually, we’ve wanted to do something for our county. We’ve lost so much business. When we get open, we’re going to put a billboard along I-77 coming from North Carolina this way. Hopefully we’ll have it open at least by Thanksgiving; I hope it will be sooner.”

And there will be some jobs to go along with the businesses.

“I know I’m going to have at least two cooks, and at least and probably three or four waitresses for the restaurant,” she said. “I’m going to actually need cashiers in some of the other places as well.”

Church hopes to eventually give people a place to buy gas as well as something to eat or fabrics. The plan is to add a service station to the businesses. 

That’s something we are planning on in the future,” she said. “ We’re going to have an above-ground tank and offer both gas and diesel. We’ll possibly be working on it during the winter or next spring.”

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