TAZEWELL, Va. — Tazewell County will officially join the ranks of other counties across the state resolving to be Second Amendment sanctuaries.

County Administrator Eric Young said today that the board of supervisors intends to pass a resolution at its Dec. 3 meeting “exercising its constitutional authority under the Virginia Constitution to protect the rights of its citizens, including Second Amendment rights.”

Young said this authority will include “a prohibition against funding any agency of county government that enforces any law within the boundary of Tazewell County which infringes upon Second Amendment rights.”

The board has approved the resolution unanimously by electronic poll, Young said, but the resolution must be approved by a public vote at its Dec. 3 meeting.

On Thursday, Giles County also unanimously passed a resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary, also including wording to protect county funds from being spent on anything that would infringe on residents’ right to bear arms.

Counties in Virginia, mostly rural, that have already passed those declarations include Carroll, Pittsylvania, Patrick, Campbell, Charlotte and Appomattox, with Franklin and Amherst counties also considering the move.

Democrats now control both the House and Senate and Gov. Ralph Northam has expressed a plan for more gun control measures and that has prompted the counties to react and show their opposition to gun control.

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