Mercer Street Grassroots District

The Mercer Street Grassroots District has become a total cultural experience with the addition of new businesses and foot traffic in the area.  

PRINCETON — The number of businesses in Princeton’s repertoire has grown by seven just in the past few months.

“It’s definitely making the town busier and helping other businesses. When they come to town to get what they need then they see something they want,” City Manager, Mike Webb said, “It’s definitely increasing foot traffic.”

According to Webb, these businesses are aiding the local economy by adding interest to the area. By bringing in patrons for their own products they are also bringing in those who may be interested in other local businesses.

With areas like the Mercer Street Grassroots District growing in population and size, Princeton’s economy is feeling the positive boost.

Earlier this summer, Webb acknowledged the increase of vehicle traffic in the city and attributed it to the new businesses. With this traffic, Webb also acknowledged that roadways can get packed during certain times of the day, Webb again attributed this to the new businesses and interest in the area.

Along with bringing in more traffic, the new businesses are also adding to the economy by way of taxes. According to City Clerk, Ken Clay, the new businesses don’t have to pay Business and Occupation taxes for their first year of operation.

“It’s a boost to the city economy especially if they stay in business by the first year,” Clay said, “They don’t have to pay B and O taxes for their first year. They’ll bring people in and bring in traffic.”

Residents may have noticed the work taking place along Mercer Street such as the development work happening on the soon-to-come Blue Ridge Bee Company. With a rock facade, the work for the shop is meticulously being done to add to the aesthetic of the area.

With the growth, the city is also working to add to the list of at hand activities. Coming to the city in the future includes a swimming facility, a sports recreation area and open area for activities, according to Webb. These new facilities will be located near the new City Hall located on Bee Street.

Work on development for these new facilities are currently being done in the form of stormwater piping. These pipes, measuring up to five and six feet in diameter, will be located underneath the ground where the new structures will be.

This pipes will work as a runoff for water on Stafford Drive and Bee Street, according to Webb. Totaling to 2,000 feet in underground water drainage, workers are hoping to be complete in the next few weeks, “Depending on the weather,” Webb said.

“Princeton is becoming a destination spot for people to come and shop,” Webb said.

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