Virginia Department of Health ...

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – A second COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Wythe County.

The Mount Rogers Health District of the Virginia Department of Health is reporting a second case in Wythe County, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Carroll County, and a third case in Washington County, according to a statement from the health department. The statement indicated there are no community contacts of concern in these cases, and there is no evidence of community transmission in these counties at this time.

“For any case of communicable disease, Virginia Department of Health does investigation and ‘contact tracing.’ We identify and notify contacts, assess their risk of exposure and provide medical guidance for isolation (if symptoms are present) or quarantine (if no symptoms are present). We also advise the community on public health measures,” Karen Shelton, M.D., director for the Mount Rogers Health District, said in a prepared statement.

Shelton said the most effective means of protecting yourself and those around you are hand and surface hygiene, including washing your hands, social distancing (six feet or more), avoiding close contact with groups (10 or more), avoiding touching your face, staying home if you’re sick and avoiding others who are sick.

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