Route 52 Flea Market

Brian Pauley looks over the goods at a venders booth at the new indoor/outdoor flea market at the former 84 Lumber location on U.S. Route 52, Saturday.

BLUEFIELD — Opening day of the new year-round flea market welcomed hundreds of visitors to browse the many vendor booths on Saturday.

Located in the former 84 Lumber building, the Route 52 Flea Market, purchased by Lusk Disposal Service owner Gordon Lusk, sprawls both indoor and outdoor. Open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday, the new establishment saw patrons milling in and out with their purchases.

Enjoying the bustling crowd, Bill Kinser saw the newly opened business positively affecting the community. Reminiscing on the former parking garage that stood in downtown Bluefield, which saw hundreds of vendors and guests wandering the multiple story building each weekend, Kinser saw this rivaling it.

“I think this is great;  I saw a big crowd outside. This is something that they’ve needed since the parking building was gone,” Kinser said.

With well over 70 vendor booths indoors and outdoors, the flea market holds items to pique many interests. Alongside the goods from vendors, food is also available for purchase inside.

With the new business, Kinser sees it as a way for families to find healthy activities.

“This creates activities that give people the opportunity to get out that used to stay in and gives them something to do since it’s year-round,” Kinser said.

Other than the indoor vendor sections, which are housed in lattice walled booths and can be rented by the month, sellers can also be found in outdoor shelters. Here vendors are able to pull their vehicles up to their spot and unload items easily.

Set up with his items for sale, Stewart Osborne also saw the flea market as being positive for the area. “I think it’s been a pretty good crowd,” Osbourne said.

As for whether he thought the new business would rival that of the former parking garage, where he used to also sell items, he thought the possibility was there.

On whether he thought the flea market would continue to thrive as well as it did on opening day, Osborne said, “It’s too early to tell.”

For more information on the flea market call 304-921-0492 or find them on Facebook at @Route52FleaMarket.

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