May 29

• PETIT LARCENY: Sgt. W.A. Peery investigated a breaking and entering on North 8th Street. An AM/FM CD player was taken from a vehicle parked near the complainant’s apartment building. No damage to the vehicle could be seen.

May 30

• FAILURE TO APPEAR (FOR SHOPLIFTING): Ptlm. J.D. Halsey arrested Selina Allen, 20, of Athens, when she turned herself in on a warrant.

• PETIT LARCENY: Ptlm. J.D. Lambert investigated a stolen camera at Princeton Middle School. The complainant said the camera was in her purse inside a locker, which she left open when she changed into her gym clothes. She came back to find the camera missing. A juvenile came up to one of the complainant’s friends and said she took it. The case was forwarded to the juvenile authorities.

May 31

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Sgt. W.A. Perry investigated a case on Main Street in the Grant’s parking lot. The complainant said he’d had words earlier with a subject who ran over his motorcycle. A juvenile admitted to driving the vehicle during the incident. There’s an ongoing problem between the subject and his mom, whom the complainant is employed by. The subject said the complainant threatened them earlier in the day and kicked a dent in the vehicle before fleeing to Grant’s, where the subject ran over the motorcycle.

June 1

• SIMPLE POSSESSION: Ptlm. J.D. Halsey was on patrol when he saw a vehicle with a headlight out and no MVI sticker. He initiated a traffic stop. The accused said he had no weapons. During a pat down, a box cutter and a smoking pipe were found. The accused said the pipe was used for smoking tobacco. The pipe had the odor of marijuana. Two plastic containers with green leafy substances believed to be marijuana were found in the vehicle. Patrick R. Belcher, 26, of Bluefield, was cited for simple possession and no operator’s.

• FOUND PROPERTY: Ptlm. E.T. Pugh spoke with a complainant who found a WV driver’s license, a checkbook and other personal documents belonging to a subject in an alley behind the 1100 block of Mercer Street. The property was logged into the property book.

• BATTERY: Ptlm. J.D. Lambert investigated an assault on Mercer Street. The complainant said a male came to the back door of her apartment and forced his way in. The subject asked “Where is Jay?” and said Jay owed him money. The subject grabbed the complainant’s arm and reached for her wallet. She told him she would call the police, and the suspect then left. The suspect is unknown.

• ROBBERY (FIRST-DEGREE): Ptlm. J.D. Lambert investigated a robbery on Mercer Street. The complainant said a male pulled up to him in a vehicle, brandished a gun and a knife, and made him lay face down. The suspect took money from the complainant’s pockets. The suspect rode by again pointing a gun at the complainant. The suspect is unknown at this time.

June 2

• BATTERY: Ptlm. E.T. Pugh responded to a report of a fight in progress at Little Caesar’s on Stafford Drive. The complainant said one of the employees hit him several times and was inside the restaurant. The suspect was found in the restroom washing his hands. He had bloodstains on his shirt. Robert Cutlip, 20, of Princeton, was arrested on the charge of battery.

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