March 6

• DRIVING SUSPENDED: Dep. A.M. Ballard arrested Larry Keith Hurst, 57, of Bluefield, when Hurst turned himself in on a warrant for driving suspended.

March 7

• BATTERY: Dep. A.M. Ballard arrested Jonathan Scott Wolford, 19, of Bluefield, when Wolford turned himself in on a battery warrant.

March 12

• OBSTRUCTION/ DOMESTIC ASSAULT: Dep. J.D. Ellison arrested Paula Gardner, 38, of Princeton, on warrants for obstruction and domestic assault.

March 13

• VIOLATION OF A DVP: Capt. M.L. Gills arrested John Christopher Baker, 35, of Vansant, Va., on a warrant for violation of a domestic violence petition.

• PETIT LARCENY: Capt. M.L. Gills arrested Roger Lee Hager Jr., 30, of Bluefield, on the charge of petit larceny.

• DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. A.M. Ballard responded to a residence at Wood’s MHP regarding a report of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. 911 advised it was a domestic situation. The child of the suspect said the mother struck the father with a vehicle because they were arguing. She then left the area. The male was transported to Princeton Community Hospital. He stated he and the suspect began arguing. He was struck by the vehicle when she was backing out. The male did not want to press charges.

• BATTERY: Dep. G.C. Paitsel responded to a residence in reference to a battery. The complainant said an ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend arrived to drop off his son for visitation. The two women got into a verbal altercation which then became physical. Neither wanted to press charges. The officer advised the parents to back to go family court and agree on a neutral place for the child exchange to take place.

• OBSTRUCTING A HEALTH OFFICIAL (12 COUNTS): Mahesh Nina Gachia, 59, of Princeton, turned himself in on 12 counts of obstructing a health official. Dep. G.C. Paitsel made the arrest.

• WORTHLESS CHECK (TWO COUNTS): Dep. E.P. Parks arrested Tera Lynn Thompson, 28, of Princeton, on warrants for worthless checks.

March 14

• DUI; DUI CAUSING DEATH; POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Sgt. S.J. Cary responded to Airport Road regarding a motor vehicle accident with injuries. He observed the vehicle was in the Airport Tavern lot and that the vehicle had been traveling west on Route 123 prior to the crash. He spoke to a subject, who appeared intoxicated. He said the other person was driving. Another subject appeared severely injured and unresponsive. He was apparently ejected from the vehicle. The first subject later admitted to driving the vehicle. At a hospital eight Lortabs were found which didn’t have a valid prescription for. Paul Joseph Quesenberry, 21, of Bluefield, Va., was arrested on the charges of driving under the influence, driving under the influence causing death, and possession of a controlled substance.

• PRESCRIPTION FRAUD (11 COUNTS): Det. D.W. Sparks Jr., arrested Cheryl Workman, 37, of Pocahontas, Va., on 11 counts of prescription fraud.

• DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. E.P. Parks responded to an altercation on Lorton Lick Road involving two male subjects. 911 advised the accused had a warrant for domestic battery. The accused was located in a residence hiding in a back room. Wesley Kurt Milam, Jr., 23, of Bluefield, was arrested on the charge of domestic battery.

• TRUANCY: Margaret Justice, 39, of Princeton, turned herself in on a truancy warrant. Dep. J.D. Ellison made the arrest.

• CAPIAS: Dep. J.D. Ellison arrested Jimmy Ray Taylor, 46, of Bluefield on a capias. The Bluefield Police Department arrested Taylor, but failed to notice a warrant through the sheriff’s office.

• WORTHLESS CHECK (TWO COUNTS): Dep. G.C. Paitsel arrested Terri Lynn Hess, 23, of Bluefield, on two counts of worthless checks.

March 15

• FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Dep. E.P. Parks was conducting road patrols in Princeton when he noticed a truck traveling on Courthouse Road with a defective rear tail lamp. He initiated a traffic stop and found the accused had a failure to appear warrant out for attempted theft. Erik Faust, 42, of Bluefield, was arrested on the charge of fugitive from justice.

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. W.C. Wilborn investigated a destruction of property call at the parking lo of Hidden Meadows Apartments. The complainant discovered the back tires on his wife’s vehicle were flat. He later found five other vehicles with flat tires. There was a report of juveniles throwing rocks off the Old Pisgah Road and I-77 Overpass, received by Cpl. S.A. Sommers. He advised he was unable to locate anyone in the area. The juveniles may possibly be responsible for the tire slashing incident.

March 17

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Sgt. S.J. Cary responded to a report of a domestic at a residence on Freedom Road. A couple were fighting and the female became out of control, according to the complainant. The subjects were separated. The complainant said he came home from work and was confronted by the intoxicated female. She was upset over an incident with a former girlfriend. The suspect slapped and scratched the complainant. Several scratch marks were visible on the upper portion of the complainant’s chest and shoulder. The suspect was belligerent and intoxicated. Deputies attempted to calm her down. Samantha DiAnn Brooks, 22, of Montcalm, was arrested on the charge of domestic battery.

• DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI; FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT: Cpl. S.A. Sommers was on patrol and noticed a vehicle cross the center line twice on Princeton Avenue. He stopped the vehicle and found the driver was revoked for driving under the influence and had an active warrant for failure to pay child support. Brady Car Woods, 32, of Kimball, was arrested on the charges of driving revoked for driving under the influence and failure to pay child support.

• PETIT LARCENY: Det. R.M. Combs investigated when a complainant said they left their car at Enterprise Rental on the secure lot. When they returned the entire exhaust system, valued at $500, had been stolen.

• PETIT LARCENY: Lt. Joe Parks responded to a report of a female robbed of her handbag at Villa MHP. The complainant said she got in an argument with a female who took her purse and ran in a house. The suspect admitted that she took the purse, but said she gave it back. The purse was later found, but was missing money and jewelry. Heather Ramsey, 31, of Bud, was arrested on the charge of petit larceny.

• BURGLARY; PETIT LARCENY: Dep. J.J. Ruble responded to a residence on Marathon Lane. The complainant said the suspect kicked in the door, went in and stole $20 and six rings valued at $300. The suspect lived at the residence prior to the complainant moving in and had property in the basement.

March 18

• FORGERY (SEVEN COUNTS); MISAPPROPRIATION OF SENIOR FUNDS: Capt. M.L. Gills arrested Talesha Gay Christian, 27, of Rock, on seven counts of forgery and one count of misappropriation of senior funds.

• DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to Arrowhead Deli to a report of a female lying next to the road. Upon arrival, he didn’t locate her. He was told she was picked up by someone driving a white truck. She was later found at BRMC in the emergency room. She advised her boyfriend body slammed her and beat her. Charles Wiley Dillow Jr., 32, of Bluefield, was arrested on the charge of domestic battery.

• SHOPLIFTING: Dep. J.D. Ellison responded to a report of shoplifting at Movie Gallery. The manager advised a male had come in and began shopping. She heard a popping noise of a DVD being opened. The suspect had two with him. He placed them back down. Apparently the suspect took the discs out of cases. He then left. The DVDs were valued at $90 each.

• DRIVING SUSPENDED (SECOND OFFENSE): Lt. Joe Parks was on patrol when he saw a vehicle pull off Mercer Mall Road into the Ritchie Equipment parking lot. He recognized the driver as having his driving suspended. Steven Douglas Martin, 48, of Freeman, was arrested on second offense driving suspended.

• HIT AND RUN: Dep. J.J. Ruble investigated a hit and run on the Kroger parking lot. The complainant said someone hit her vehicle and then left the scene. The damage was discovered in the morning. The passenger side front fender, both passenger side doors, and the rear quarter panel were damaged.

March 19

• ATTEMPTED BURGLARY; CONSPIRACY: Cpl. S.A. Sommers responded to a residence on Hearn Avenue. The complainant said she was in her living room when two subjects attempted to make entry and were yelling racial slurs at one occupant, saying they would kill him. The male said he had a problem with two white males and a female earlier on South Wickham. He said they yelled racial slurs at him to provoke him, and he walked away. One subject said the black male came by looking for the female who denied knowing him and yelled slurs. The three of them left in a truck. The subject sat in the truck while the other two got out, he told officers. Jason Averill, 23, of Wytheville, Va., and Crystal Alsup, 28, of Princeton, were arrested on the charges of attempted burglary and conspiracy.

• DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. J.D. Ellison responded to a domestic call at Edgewood Apartments. He saw the suspect in the parking lot “ranting” about a burglary. The suspect said his apartment had been burglarized and wanted to know why officers hadn’t arrived earlier. The man’s wife and son said he had a history of mental illness. They said money was stolen from the apartment when it was left unlocked. The suspect became irate over the theft an began arguing and fighting with his wife. The son stepped in and was also assaulted. They refused to file charges.

• WORTHLESS CHECK: Dep. R.D. Utt arrested Patricia M. Davis, 37, of Bluefield when she turned herself in on a worthless check warrant.

March 20

• DUI (SECOND OFFENSE); FLEEING ON FOOT; DRIVING SUSPENDED: Deputies E.P. Parks and W.C. Wilborn assisted West Virginia State Trooper A.P. Christian with a subject joy riding on Thornton Avenue. The subject was traveling with a loud exhaust. A traffic stop was initiated on Thornton Avenue. Officers detected the odor of alcohol coming from the suspect. He had glassy eyes. He was removed from the vehicle and failed three sobriety tests. The suspect was placed in handcuffs and told to lean against the car while officers searched it. The suspect then ran Silver Spring Street and fell face first on the pavement. He was placed in a patrol car with a cage. Jason Hendrick Averill, 23, of Wytheville, Va., was arrested on the charges of second offense driving under the influence, fleeing on foot, and driving suspended.

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