March 15

RUNAWAY JUVENILE: Sgt. T.A. Gray responded to Center Street in reference to a runaway juvenile. A parent in the home advised that a male had left the residence by climbing out the window. The parent also advised that the male was upset about changes occurring in the home and that the male may be headed to the Greasy Ridge Road area. The parent also provided a discription of the male. The officer placed a description of the male into NCIC to locate him. The officer advised the parent to inform him if the juvenile came back.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR D.U.I., DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (SECOND OFFENSE): Officers responded to Roundhouse Road in reference to a vehicle that had driven into a yard. A caller advised that the subject appeared to be intoxicated. Upon arrival, the officers spoke to the suspect who did appear to be intoxicated and holding a small bottle of alcohol in his hand. The suspect failed a field sobriety test and repeatedly stated “I'm drunk there's no need.” The man registered a 0.157 BAC. It was learned that the man had his license revoked previously for D.U.I. Christopher Gibberson, 29, of Princeton was arrested.

BREACH OF PEACE, FAILURE TO APPEAR: Officer J.D. Halsey was on patrol when he observed a man in front of the Book Exchange on Mercer Street. Upon approach, the officer observed the odor of alcohol on the suspect. The suspect advised the officer to take him to jail before he did something bad to someone or broke out windows on Mercer Street. It was later learned that the man had a warrant for failure to appear. Alvin Wise, 48, of Princeton, was arrested.

VIOLATION OF DVP: Sgt. T.A. Gray and Officer J.D. Halsey responded to Park Avenue in reference to the violation of a DVP. The officer spoke to the complainants who advised that the accused was at the residence and had left. The complainants advised the officer of a DVP which the officer then confirmed. The officer learned that the accused had been living at the residence since Jan. 23 and advised the complainants that he should not be living there. The officers also told the complainants to inform them if the accused came back. Upon leaving the residence, the accused was located leaving a neighbor's home and admitted to living in the residence. Jeremy Loffer, 27, of Princeton was arrested.

CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUINCY OF A MINOR, UNDERAGE COMSUMPTION: Officers responded to the area of Thorton Avenue in reference to several noise complaints and people running through yards. When the officers arrived the individuals suspected fled on foot. A short time later, the officers located a large group congregating at a nearby residence. The officers located and confiscated a quantity of alcohol from the party. Several citations were issued to violators that were not 21. The officers learned from neighbors that the suspect lived at the residence with a minor. During the processing, the suspect, a female, began to create a disturbance. Starla Reed, 18, of Princeton, was arrested.

March 16

BREACH OF PEACE (TWO COUNTS): Officer J.D. Lambert observed a large group of individuals arguing in the 500 block of Washington Avenue. The officer advised all individuals to go to their residences and that any further calls of fighting would lead to the arrest of the participants. Later that day, Officer J.S. Bish responded to the same location in reference to a fight that was occurring. Lambert arrived and informed the officer that three individuals had left the residence. It was later learned by the officer that the individuals were juveniles and had run out of fear. The officer returned to the residence and observed a female again standing outside swearing and threatening another individual. Jolynna Graham, 18, of Princeton was arrested. Benjamin Neal, 18, of Princeton was cited and released.

ENTERING WITHOUT BREAKING: Sgt. W.J. Gilley responded to Princeton Avenue where it was learned that items were taken from inside a parked vehicle. The victim informed that she had parked the vehicle but forgotten to lock it and found several items missing when she returned.

March 17

BREACH OF PEACE: Officers responded to Princeton Community Hospital in reference to a combative patient. The nursing staff present advised that man was transported to the hospital and had been combative and refused to cooperate with the staff. The officers were also advised that the man had attempted to strike one of the nursing staff but she refused to press charges. The man advised that he didn't understand the problems. The officers advised the man to cooperate with the nursing staff. The man allegedly replied that he would rather go to jail. Kevin Robertson, 29, of Princeton was arrested.

BREACH OF PEACE: Officer J.S. Bish responded to the intersection Harrison Street and Trent Street in reference to an intoxicated male subject falling down in the road. The officer observed the suspect walking East on Harrison Street and stumbling and almost falling multiple times. The officer approached the suspect and observed the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the suspect. The suspect allegedly stated that he had “more then I could count” to drink.” The officer observed fresh cuts on the suspect's elbows. The suspect thought he had fallen but did not remember. Larry Bourne, 58, of Princeton was arrested.

BATTERY (THREE COUNTS): Officer M.B. Gergeley responded to the area of North Fifth Street and Mercer Street in refence to a fight occurring in the street. The officer spoke with three complainants that advised that they were hit several times by an unknown female in a green car. One complainant advised the officer of the registration of the vehicle. The woman that owned the vehicle informed that she was on her way to PPD to speak to an officer. Officer met with the woman who advised that she saw the male complainant looking in her car windows. At that point a confrontation ensued with the three complainants and the woman.

March 18

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (1ST OFFENSE): While traveling north on Athens Road, Sgt. T.A. Gray observed an SUV pull into the road from the rear of the Princeton Machine Shop. After it entered the road, the officer observed the vehicle cross over the center line on four occasions. The officer then initiated a traffic stop but the vehicle did not stop. However, the vehicle eventually complied. The officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver for her information when the officer noticed the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. The woman advised that she was coming from Applebees. The officer observed that the woman was slurring her speech, and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Due to the location, the officer did not feel the area was safe enough to perform field sobriety checks. A preliminary BAC test registered at 0.236. At the Princeton Police Department, the woman failed three field sobriety tests. The woman refused a formal breathlyzer test. Venessa Glanden, 33, of Princeton was arrested.

OBSTRUCTION: Officer J.S. Bish responded to the gas pumps at Kroger in reference to a man trying to get another to use a debit card that was believed to be stolen. Upon arrival, the officer was advised by a complainant that a man had approached him and asked to fill his gas tank with his mother's card and that the man only had to give him $30 in return. The officer then approached the suspect who was sitting in a car nearby. The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle and he refused to comply. After a second request, the man did exit the vehicle. The officer then asked the suspect to place his hands on the vehicle so he could conduct a safety search. During the safety search, the man allegedly removed his hand and placed it in his pocket. Upon request, the man refused to remove his hand. Upon restarting the search, the man placed his right hand in his pocket and pulled out a white syringe. Jeffrey French, 33, of Princeton was arrested.

March 20

DRIVING REVOKED FOR D.U.I.: While on traffic stop in the lower area of Pine Street, Officer B.E. Grimm learned that the driver had her driver's license revoked for D.U.I. Trista Roberts, 28, of Princeton was arrested.


March 16

OBSTRUCTION/FLEEING ON FOOT, DOMESTIC BATTERY: Sgt. S.J. Cary responded to the Princeton Village Apartments in response to a domestic altercation. The officer observed a female sitting outside the door to her apartment and a male standing inside the residence that the officer later identified as the suspect. As he approached the victim, he noticed the male run out the back door of the residence. Assisting officers apprehended the man a short distance away. The victim advised that she was preparing to leave when the suspect, her boyfriend, became angry and the couple started to argue. She advised that the suspect had begun to break items through out the residence and when she attempted to leave, the suspect shoved her back into the apartment. Brandon McBride, 23, of Princeton was arrested.

SHOPLIFTING (2ND OFFENSE): Deputy E.P. Parks responded to Kroger's on US 52 in reference to a shoplifter in custody. The complainant advised that they had a female detained in the office that had taken merchandise and attempted to leave without paying. Upon contact, the suspect advised officer that she had committed the crime. The officers later learned that the woman had a previous citation for shoplifting in Tazewell County, Va.  Sara Melissa Hall, 31, was cited.

March 17

HIT AND RUN: Deputy D.A. Furches responded to Advanced Auto Parts in Bluewell where a complainant advised that someone had struck his vehicle and left without providing information. The complainant advised that the truck was damaged near the bed. A witness advised that he observed a black pickup truck leave the scene.

March 18

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Deputies J.E. Coulter, J.D. Gills, and Sgt. M.A. Smith responded to a residence where the occupants daughter advised that he was trying to hang himself. The deputies had been previously advised that the man was previously holding a knife to his wife's throat. Upon arrival, the officers learned that the man was presently in the home fighting with his daughter. The officer observed the man shove his daughter past the open door of the residence before the officers were able to seperate the two. The daughter then showed the officer an open knife on the floor of the kitchen. She also advised that the man had brandished the knife during a struggle before she disarmed him. The daughter stated that her mother had told her to go to the home where she found the man hanging from a makeshift gallows. After she freed him, the man came to and began to strike the woman. After she and her husband subdued him, the pair left to call 911. When the man observed a police vehicle entering his driveway, he removed a knife from his pocket and the woman was attempting to disarm him when the officers arrived. The accused was ordered via petition to Princeton Community Hospital to avoid harming himself.

March 19

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Deputy D.A. Furches took the walk-in complaint of a woman who advised that a white SUV had driven through her yard on Carmella Avenue in Bluewell. The woman suspected a neighbor that she had issues with in the past.

March 20

BREAKING AND ENTERING TO AN AUTOMOBILE, PETIT LARCENY, STOLEN GUN: Deputy E.P. Parks responded to Pepperidge Apartments where a complainant advised that someone had stolen a  gun from his car. The victim advised that he showed the gun to a friend interested in buying it and had left the gun in the car overnight. The victim also advised that he had gone to work the next morning and parked his car in designated parking lot. The man also stated the he had gone to a convienence store and purchased items. The man returned home to find the gun missing. The driver's side door of the vehicle is unable to lock.

SHOPLIFTING: Deputy E.P. Parks responded to Walmart in Princeton in reference to a shoplifter being detained by loss prevention officers. One of the officers advised that the he observed the suspect attempt to conceal merchandise and leave the store without paying. Upon speaking to the suspect, she admitted to committing the crime. Kimberly Roberts, 46, of Princeton was cited.

March 21

UNATTENDED DEATH: Deputy J. D. Ellison responded to Colonial Hills on Athens Road in response to an unattended death. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the son-in-law of the deceased who advised that he had forced entry to the residence after not being able to contact his father-in-law. The man then advised that he had located the man on the stairs deceased. The officer observed a red mark on the head of the man but noted that the mark could have occurred from falling down the stairs. The officer did not locate any signs of foul play in the residence. The officer did locate several bottles of medication without labels, a pipe clamp, and a plate that are usually common signs of someone abusing medication.

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