Mercer Sheriff

Nov. 28

CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON; PUBLIC INTOXICATION: While at Mercer Mall, Lt. J. Parks was approached by a male subject who reported another male at the mall offered to sell him cocaine and prescription medication. The male was also reported to be intoxicated with a strong smell of alcohol on his person. The officer located the other male subject in question and observed a partially concealed holster on the male's person. The officer then ordered the male to turn around so the officer could conduct a safety patdown. Allegedly, the male asked if he was being arrested. The officer located four weapons including three knives on the male's person. The male allegedly reported not knowing that carrying the weapons was illegal. Allegedly he reported having the knives to skin a deer in the event he hit one. Dallas Wimmer, 21, of Bluefield, was arrested.

Nov. 29

BURNED VEHICLE: A male subject reported his car had been set of fire.

Nov. 30

BATTERY: A female subject working at Little General in Kegley reported a possibly intoxicated male subject had become belligerent over the store's prices and had struck her in the face with a pen.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A female subject reported her husband had struck her and choked her during a disagreement over financial matters. The female reported to Dep. K.M. Saddler that she did not want to file domestic violence charges but wanted a protection order. The officer transported her to the court to obtain one.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A male subject reported his residence on Lorton Lick Road was broken into and several items inside were destroyed.

Dec. 1

DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject living on Rocky Branch Road near Kegley reported her boyfriend had gotten drunk inside of their residence. Allegedly, the male subject broke her computer, television and a chair. Allegedly, the male subject chased the female with a piece of the chair threatening to kill her. The male subject died before further action could be taken on the case.

Dec. 2

RAILROAD TRESPASS: Dep. C.K Lester and W.C. Wilborn responded to the Kegley area in reference to a male subject being struck by a train. Officers located the train engine and the engineer who reported a male subject was sitting on the railroad tracks with his head in his hands and they could not get the train stopped in time to avoid the male subject. The male subject allegedly did not make an attempt to avoid the train.

Dec. 3

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to Goodwin's Chapel Road near Oakvale in reference to a physical domestic incident. The officer spoke to a female subject who reported her boyfriend had kicked her in her knee during a disagreement. The officer later located the male subject and arrested Brandon Perkins, 24, of Princeton, was arrested.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported the tag was stolen from his vehicle.

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported several items were taken from her residence on Athens Road by another female subject.

Princeton Police

Nov. 28

VIOLATION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER OF PROTECTION; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: A male subject reported a female subject who he had a domestic violence protection order against had knocked on his door and was outside of his residence. Ptlm. D.B. Morey responded and located the female subject outside of the residence on North Eighth Street. The officer observed the female return to the area after being told to leave by the officer. The officer stopped the vehicle in question and the female allegedly resisted the efforts to arrest her. Martha Porter, 47, of Princeton, was arrested.

AGGRAVATED DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER: Lt. E.T. Pugh received a report of an intoxicated male subject driving in Princeton. The officer located the male subject along Honaker Avenue headed north on US 19. The officer followed the vehicle and observed as it crossed the center line several times. The officer then conducted a traffic stop and the vehicle complied. The officer spoke with the driver and observed the odor of alcohol on the male's person and an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. The officer asked the male to exit the vehicle. Allegedly, he had difficulty standing and his eyes appeared bloodshot. The male allegedly failed the one field sobriety test given to him. The male allegedly registered a 0.188 blood-alcohol content upon testing. The male allegedly became belligerent toward the officers in his holding cell. Allegedly, he resisted the officers and attempted to charge the officers with a closed fist. The officer used a chemical aerosol to gain control of the defendant. Pedro Gutierrez, 34, of Princeton, was arrested.

Nov. 29

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Officers located damage to Cheap Thrills Records Store on Stafford Drive.

Nov. 30

BREACH OF PEACE, PHYSICAL HARM; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER; BREACH OF PEACE; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: While on patrol, Ptlm. J.L. Faris observed a vehicle failing to use a turn signal in the area of West View Avenue. Upon stopping the vehicle, all of the individuals got outside of the vehicle and approached the patrol vehicle. The female driver had a valid license and was cooperative with the officer. Allegedly, a female passenger became belligerent toward Ptlm. D.B. Morey when he arrived on scene. Allegedly, the female had to be restrained by family members. The female allegedly entered a residence but came back outside. The officer believed this was an attempt to attack Morey. The officer then informed the female she was under arrest. Allegedly the female attempted to prevent the use of handcuffs. Rose Cardwell, 23, of Princeton, was arrested. Allegedly, a male passenger became belligerent after a female was arrested. The officers then attempted to arrest the male who allegedly resisted their efforts. Christopher Whittaker, 24, of Princeton, was arrested.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Ptlm. J.L. Faris was traveling west on Stafford Drive when he observed a male subject driving a vehicle traveling in the same direction as himself. The officer observed the vehicle make a right turn without using a signal and came to a complete stop, obstructing traffic. The officer conducted a traffic stop and the vehicle complied. The officer noted upon the vehicle's stop, the male approached him before being told to get back into his vehicle. Upon speaking to the male, the officer noted the odor of alcohol on his person. The male subject allegedly admitted to drinking earlier that night. The male failed three field sobriety tests and was unable to give a sufficient sample of breath for testing. Roger Burnette, 73, of Princeton, was arrested.

GRAND LARCENY: A male subject reported money was stolen from Danny's Bar on Mercer Street.

FAILURE TO APPEAR: Sgt. J.D. Halsey located and arrested Andrew Janes, 27, of Princeton, was arrested.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (FIRST OFFENSE): During a traffic stop near the intersection of South Seventh and Harrison Streets, officers observed the driver of the vehicle to have the odor of alcohol on his person and his eyes appeared bloodshot. The male driver allegedly admitted to drinking and informed he had just left a bar. The male subject failed all three field sobriety tests conducted. Eddie Bailey, 45, of Princeton, was arrested.

Dec. 1

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A male subject reported a female subject he had a child with had struck him with a brick. Nazarene Harmon, 26, of Princeton.

Dec. 2

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE SECOND OFFENSE; FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Ptlm. J.E. Malm observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign near Stafford Drive. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle complied. The officer learned the driver had a revoked license and was wanted on a warrant. Freddy Allen, 53, of Princeton, was arrested.

Dec. 3

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A female subject reported her husband had pushed her and struck her during a disagreement. Warrants are pending.

Dec. 4

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported a decal was stolen from a registration plate on vehicle on South Wickham Street.

DOMESTIC BATTERY; FLEEING AN OFFICER: A female subject reported her boyfriend had pushed her and thrown a vacuum cleaner at her during a disagreement at their residence on Lincoln Street. Officers observed the male subject but were unable to detain him. Jeremy Woody, 25, of Princeton, was arrested.

SHOPLIFTING: Sgt. J.D. Halsey observed a male subject take an item without paying from Grants on Athens Road. Warrants are pending.

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