March 8

• SIMPLE POSSESSION: Dep. S.A. Sommers stopped Scott Brookman, 29, of Princeton, for allegedly speeding on Glenwood Park Road. Upon speaking with the driver, Sommers reported seeing a marijuana joint in the console of the vehicle. The accused also allegedly pulled a small bag of marijuana out of his pocket. He was cited for simple possession.

March 9

• WORTHLESS CHECKS: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Patricia Lee Jones, 37, of Rock; Jeremy Dean Kliem, 26, of Bluefield; James Dwiggins, 48, of Bluefield; and Teresa Y. Little, 53, of Princeton, on unrelated worthless check warrants.

• BURGLARY, GRAND LARCENY: A Ridgemont Avenue juvenile resident reported he had given an acquaintance a ride and returned to find his TV, a Playstation II and games missing from the residence. Dep. J.D. Ellison investigated and spoke with the complainant and a cousin. He forwarded the case to the MCSD Detective Bureau.

• WORTHLESS CHECK: Dep. J.J. Ruble arrested Carol Jean Hazelwood, 64, of Princeton, on a worthless check warrant.

March 10

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A complainant filed a report with Dep. E.P. Parks stating that someone had damaged his vehicle in a parking lot on Crotty Street. Parks examined the vehicle and noted that there was purple paint on the vehicle and fresh footprints around it. Warrants were pending.

• PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Mercer County 911 dispatched Dep. S.A. Sommers to Skatetown USA, where a man was reportedly groping females. The accused reported the man had grabbed her buttocks and slid his hand down her leg while she bent over the counter at the business. The accused denied those allegations but was cited for public intoxication. The officer advised the complainant to file an intake report if she wanted to pursue other charges. Dennis Meadows, 30, was cited and released to the custody of his wife.

• PUBLIC INTOXICATION, INDECENT EXPOSURE: Dep. S.A. Sommers assisted a West Virginia State Police officer with a traffic stop on U.S. 460. The accused was allegedly extremely intoxicated and urinating on the side of the road. Sommers reported that he cited Jeffrey Ray Collins, 44, of Roanoke, Va., and advised him the side of the road was not a restroom.

• CONCEALED WEAPON: Dep. S.A. Sommers stopped Matthew Holt, 24, of Princeton, after allegedly seeing him turn without signaling on Princeton Avenue. He advised Sommers there was a weapon in his jacket. When the officer advised the subject to place his hands on top of the vehicle for a pat-down, Sommers reported locating a semi-automatic pistol with a loaded magazine. He issued the accused a citation and confiscated the weapon.

• UNATTENDED DEATH: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to Chase Lane regarding an unattended death. The officer noted that there were no signs of foul play at the scene.

March 11

• BATTERY: Dep. C.E. Parsons took a walk-in complaint from a Union woman who said her brother’s girlfriend grabbed her by the hair and started punching her in the stomach, even though the girlfriend knew she was pregnant.

March 12

• UNATTENDED DEATH: Dep. H.L. Harmon responded to an unattended death at Members Only Club on Rainbow Road. He investigated the scene but found no sign of foul play.

• MALICIOUS ASSAULT, WANTON ENDANGERMENT, BRANDISHING, DOMESTIC BATTERY: Mercer County 911 dispatched Dep. G.C. Paitsel to a disturbance on New Hope Road, at Sea Breeze Place. MC-911 advised the female had been shot by a male subject. At that time, Dep. A.M. Ballard and Dep. H.L. Harmon also responded to assist. When the officers arrived, Paitsel reported he was met by a witness, who said the suspect was still in the residence nearby. Walker said the suspect’s wife was inside the residence and that she had been shot. Officers observed the defendant, Raymond Dean Powell, walk from the area near the garage doors and took him into custody. Paitsel located a black .357 Ruger Blackhawk revolver in a bedroom with one spent cartridge in the cylinder. Witness accounts indicated the woman, Karen Powell, had argued with the defendant and had attempted to flee to another residence and call 911 when her husband got the gun. She made it to the neighbor’s living room but was shot there. She was transported to BRMC and later flown to CAMC.

• CAPIAS, BURGLARY: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Roger Dean Keene, 30, of Linn, N.C., after he was extradited to Mercer County.

• VIOLATION OF HOME CONFINEMENT: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. served a warrant on Tony Darren Edwards, 28, of Princeton, after a probation officer accompanied him to the sheriff’s department.

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. took a phone complaint from a Caldwell Street resident in Athens. The man said someone was hitting golf balls from rental units across the street toward his house. He said his concern was that the balls could hit a child. The rental property owner was asked to issue a memo to the residents of the units not to do that anymore.

• WORTHLESS CHECKS: Dep. C.E. Parsons arrested Katie Belton, 34, of Bluefield, when she turned herself in on worthless check charges.

• SIMPLE POSSESSION, MARIJUANA: Cpl. J.E. Coulter stopped a vehicle for allegedly seeing it operating with no taillights. During the investigation, the officer identified the driver as Jason McBride, 30, of Peterstown, and Christina Pierce, 18, of Wytheville, Va., as a passenger. As he searched the vehicle, Coulter reported locating a pipe containing marijuana and a bag containing approximately 11 grams of marijuana. Coulter also reported finding a marijuana joint in Pierce’s purse. Both subjects were cited and released.

March 13

• DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. G.C. Paitsel investigated a destruction of property complaint in Shawnee Mobile Home Park. The complainant reported she had an ongoing problem with suspicious persons in a gold or brown Oldsmobile and that someone had cut three tires of her husband’s vehicle and one on hers.

• FUGITIVE PROBATION: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. served a shoplifting warrant on William Michael Colo, 35, of Bluefield, when he was transported to the courthouse on another matter.

• CAPIAS: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Polly M. Terry, 48, of Princeton, on a bench warrant.

• TRUANCY: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Catina Lee Hartwell, 56, of Bluefield, on a warrant.

• WORTHLESS CHECK: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Mary Lou Jane Lusk Odell, 31, of Matoaka, on a warrant.

• TRUANCY: Dep. J.D. Ellison arrested Bobbie Gilley, 45, of Bluefield, on a truancy warrant.

• MALICIOUS WOUNDING: Dep. C.E. Parsons responded to Griffey Lane in Princeton in reference to a domestic complaint. When he arrived, the complainant reported that her mother’s boyfriend had become angry, striking her mother with his fist. When the complainant attempted to intervene, she said the accused turned on her and tried to stab her with a metal fire poker. He then allegedly bent the poker and attempted to choke the complainant with it. The officer confiscated the alleged weapon and filed the report. The accused had fled on foot before he arrived.

• SIMPLE POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: Lt. A.D. Beasley cited Aaron Michael Phipps, of Princeton, after an investigation at Holiday Inn Express on Oakvale Road.

• CAPIAS: Dep. J.J. Ruble arrested Jeanne Jeffers, 40, of Bluefield, on a bench warrant.

March 14

• FAILURE TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER: Dep. W.E. Rose arrested John Lawson, 37, of Princeton, on charges that he failed to register as a sex offender.

• VIOLATION OF DVP: Dep. R.E. Haynes Jr. arrested Dewey Samson Dillow, 33, of Bluefield, when he turned himself in on a worthless check warrant.

• WORTHLESS CHECK: Sgt. J.E. Parks arrested Sheila Jean Miller/Faulkner, 50, of Bland, Va., on a worthless check charge.

March 15

• UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL: Cpl. S.J. Cary cited Shawn Anthony Grogan, 18, of Lashmeet, and Adam James York, 19, of Matoaka, for underage consumption.

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