Jan. 11

INSTALLING A SEPTIC TANK WITHOUT A PERMIT; RELEASE OF SEWAGE INTO WATER: Dep. D.W. Sparks Jr., arrested Southern Lemuel, 82, of Princeton, on the charges of installing a septic tank without a permit and release of sewage into water.

Jan. 16

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI; NO INSURANCE: Dep. J.J. Ruble arrested Calvin Tiller, 40, of Montcalm, on warrants on the charges of driving revoked for driving under the influence and having no insurance.

Jan. 18

DOMESTIC ASSAULT; DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. W.C. Wilborn and other officers responded to a residence on Union Street. The victim said the that the defendant battered him by jumping on him, striking him in the face and choking him. The victim said the defendant threatened him if he called police. Shaniqua Monique Harmon, 22, of Bluefield, was arrested on the charges of domestic assault and domestic battery.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: Dep. E.P. Parks was on patrol on Locus Street when a vehicle failed to yield the right of way. He initiated a traffic stop and found the driver had his license revoked for driving under the influence. David Wayne Shockley, 27, of Princeton, was arrested for driving revoked for driving under the influence.

Jan. 19

DUI WITH INJURY: Dep. S.A. Sommers responded to a vehicle crash on West Virginia Route 20 near The Havens. The driver of one vehicle reportedly had glassy and bloodshot eyes. She failed all three sobriety tests. Bonnie Jean Woody, 41, of Princeton, was arrested on the charge of driving under the influence with injury.

DUI; LEAVING THE SCENE; DRIVING SUSPENDED; NO INSURANCE: Deputies E.P. Parks and A.M. Ballard were advised of a possible drunk driver traveling on U.S. 52. The driver allegedly struck a vehicle and left the scene, later crashing at the intersection of Littlesburg Road and Red Oak Ridge. The deputies found a man walking in the road who said he was going to his girlfriend’s. The vehicle was found to be in the girlfriend’s name. The man failed three sobriety tests and was arrested. William Dwight Mayhle, Jr., 37, of Bluefield was arrested on the charges of driving under the influence, leaving the scene, driving suspended, and having no insurance.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. A.M. Ballard was called to investigate a domestic incident at Rock. The victim said she was upset because her uncle came over and put her in a headlock. The argument was over supper. The victim’s grandmother sided with the uncle, and said the victim started the altercation. The uncle left the residence.

Jan. 20

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Dep. G.C. Paitsel investigated a domestic disturbance at a residence at Nemours. A couple began to argue. The accused allegedly punched the female in the face and kicked her. The male said the female clawed and scratched him. Both were arrested. Anthony Sean Billings, 23, of Nemours, and Maria Ann Musick, 22, of Nemours, were arrested on the charge of domestic battery.

DUI: Dep. J.R. Coburn observed a vehicle without registration lights on, and upon a traffic stop on Stafford Drive, he noted the driver had glassy and bloodshot eyes. The accused allegedly stated he was drunk and shouldn’t be driving. The deputy attempted to have the driver perform field sobriety tests, but the driver said he was too drunk to pass any test. Timothy Lee Phillips, 33, of Matoaka, was arrested on the charge of driving under the influence.

Jan. 21

BURGLARY: Cpl. J.E. Coutler investigated a burglary on Little Island Creek Road. A residence was broken into twice between Jan. 11 and Jan. 18. Minor vandalism was done to the garage attached to the home. The residents were gone for the season.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT: Lt. Joe Parks investigated a domestic assault at the Roundhouse Mobile Home Park. The accused allegedly came to his and his mother’s residence in an intoxicated state. The began hitting the doors, walls, and windows while cursing and yelling. He threatened the victim for locking him out. John Lewis Duncan Jr., 38, of Princeton was arrested for domestic assault.

BREAKING AND ENTERING; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; PETIT LARCENY: Dep. G.C. Paitsel investigated a break-in at the Prudich Medical Center at Montcalm. Someone broke in and took medicines and office supplies.

Jan. 22

GRAND LARCENY: Dep. J.J. Ruble arrested Michael Anthony Rose, 23, of Bluefield, on a warrant for grand larceny.

FAILURE TO PAY FOR GAS: Dep. W.C. Wilborn investigated a gas drive-off at the Go-Mart in Green Valley. The suspect has committed the same crime several times before.

PETIT LARCENY: Dep. J.D. Ellison investigated a petit larceny on Beeson Road. An MVI sticker, cadilidic converter, and a license plate were stolen from a vehicle while the victim was in jail.

WORTHLESS CHECK: Sgt. G.W. Woods arrested Peggy Nelson, 63, of Princeton, on a warrant for a worthless check.

VIOLATION OF DVP: Dep. J.J. Ruble arrested Charles William Graves, 42, of Bluefield, on the charge of violation of domestic violence petition.

Jan. 23

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. R.D. Utt arrested Michael Lee Shrader, 22, of Bluefield, on a warrant for destruction of property.

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