April 24

• DRIVING SUSPENDED, IMPROPER REGISTRATION, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE: Dep. D.A. Furches reported seeing David Shockley, 28, of Princeton, operating a blue Ford vehicle with improper registration on the vehicle. The officer initiated a traffic stop on 12th Street Extension, and a DMV review reported Shockley did not have a valid driver's license in place. The driver also allegedly failed to have appropriate proof of insurance inside the vehicle. He was arrested, and the officer contacted a tow service to retrieve the vehicle.

April 25

• BATTERY, ASSAULT: Dep. J.R. Coburn, Senior Dep. W.C. Wilborn and Dep. A.M. Ballard responded to Brush Creek Falls Road, where a neighbor dispute was reported. Coburn located the suspect standing in the roadway with his father and an uninvolved neighbor. The suspect and father reported they were heading home, when Ballard observed the suspect strike his cruiser. He detained the suspect and reported finding a pipe and a snort straw in his possession. Coburn then took the defendant, Michael Eugene Hall, 39, of Princeton, into custody and transported him to the Bluefield Police Department for holding. The alleged victim then spoke with Ballard, reporting he had been following the suspect and realized their taillights were malfunctioning. As he pulled into their driveway to communicate that, the victim said Hall struck him on the left side of his face and struck his vehicle. The suspect allegedly also threatened to “cut his guts out.” Hall reportedly behaved aggressively with Coburn as he was processed.

• SIMPLE POSSESSION: Tammy Groseclose, 40, of Bossevain, Va., and Jason Earls, 29, of Bluefield, Va., were charged with simple possession of marijuana after a traffic stop investigation by Cpl. J.J. Ruble allegedly revealed them to be in possession of a green, leafy substance.

April 26

• OBSTRUCTING, DISORDERLY CONDUCT, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Senior Dep. W.C. Wilborn assisted the West Virginia Fire Marshal, ABC and State Police in a sting operation at Kamikaze nightclub in Brushfork. The officer attempted to check the identification of William David Sadler, 24, of Bluefield, when the suspect allegedly snatched the license away from Wilborn. The officer detained Sadler for the duration of the investigation, cited him for obstructing and advised him to leave the premises. Sadler then allegedly began an altercation, questioning why he was cited. He was advised repeatedly to cease arguing and leave the scene, but he allegedly refused. Sadler was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

• UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION: Cpl. S.A. Sommers and other officers cited four individuals for underage consumption during a compliance check at Kamikaze in Brushfork. Jason Collier Brown, 20, of Bluefield; Charletha Leomia Hearn, 19, of Bluefield; Chandra Rochell Roberson, 19, of Bluefield; and Joshua Atkinson, 20, of Princeton, were all charged with underage consumption of alcohol.

• OBSTRUCTING: Dep. J.R. Coburn responded to a possible suicidal male on Moles Chapel Road in Brushfork. The man reportedly had a handgun in his possession and was threatening to shoot himself. Officers located the man lying in the living room floor, cursing them and appearing extremely intoxicated. Family members said he had not threatened them but had said he was going to kill himself. As officers talked with family members, the man allegedly shouted constantly, refusing to be quiet for the investigation. Ben Pilkins, 63, of Bluefield, was charged with obstructing.

• BATTERY: A woman reported a previous renter battered her and attempted to pull her shirt down as she cleaned the residence. The woman told Cpl. J.J. Ruble she repeatedly advised the man not to touch her, but he allegedly persisted.

April 27

• BURGLARY, GRAND LARCENY: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to Bluewell, where a resident reported someone broke a glass window and entered his home, stealing a TV, Playstation 3, X-Box 360, cable box, Internet server box and a silver chain. A beer bottle was retrieved from the residence that did not belong to the resident. It was recovered to seek fingerprints.

• DOMESTIC ASSAULT, DOMESTIC BATTERY, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, CRIMES AGAINST ELDERLY: Sgt. G.W. Woods filed a report from an elderly couple who stated their son threw a kitchen chair during an argument before he shoved his mother. When his father attempted to intervene, the son allegedly threatened to beat him and shoved him into the refrigerator. The officer advised both victims to seek domestic violence protective orders against the suspect.

• BREAKING AND ENTERING, FAILURE TO APEAR, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to Foot Pain Specialist on Gott Road, where neighbors reported they heard a loud noise and observed a black male wearing a light blue ballcap and white T-shirt with dark pants running from the business. The officer located blood on a window, frame and blinds at the business. He then located a male matching the suspect description with blood on his arm and arrested him. Charles David Walker Jr., 44, of Princeton, was charged with breaking and entering and destruction of property, along with a failure to appear warrant already pending.

• SHOPLIFTING: Dep. G.C. Paitsel responded to Sears in Mercer Mall, where complainants reported a shoplifter. Kelly Eugene Thompson, 35, of Princeton, was allegedly spotted attempting to steal batteries and a battery charger with an unknown male who fled before Paitsel arrived. Thompson was cited for shoplifting and transported to his father's residence.

• SHOPLIFTING: Dep. E.P. Parks responded to Walmart on Greasy Ridge Road, where a suspect was detained after allegedly attempting to shoplift several cosmetic items. Kimberly Ann Wagner, 22 of Bluefield, was charged with shoplifting.

• DUI: Dep. J.D. Gills responded to the area near Country Blessings, where a man was reported intoxicated and causing a disturbance. While the officer was en route, the complainant reported the man had left in a red Avalanche, heading toward Mercer Mall. Officers located the suspect vehicle on Crumpecker Hill and reported the driver ran off the road several times and travel erratically. Once the vehicle came to a complete stop, Sgt. S.J. Cary approached and reported the man smelled strongly of alcohol. The suspect, Michael Waller, 27, of Mountain Dew Drive, reportedly stumbled when the officer advised him to exit the vehicle. He was also allegedly very defiant and argumentative. Waller was arrested and transported to Bluefield Police Department, where he refused to submit to a blood-alcohol screening test.

April 28

• MALICIOUS WOUNDING: Dep. A.M. Ballard and Cpl. S.A. Sommers responded to Bear Mountain Road in Elgood, where a woman allegedly assaulted a man present with a large stick. They found the victim on the porch with paper towels around his arm and a large puddle of blood at his side. He reported his ex-girlfriend assaulted him with a large stick after allegedly getting a ride to his residence with a friend to get a cigarette. The man was transported to Princeton Community Hospital for treatment. Officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate her.

April 29

• DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER VIOLATION, BOND VIOLATION: Senior Dep. W.C. Wilborn, Cpl. S.A. Sommers and Dep. J.R. Coburn responded to Pollard's Mobile Home Park in Brushfork, where a domestic disturbance was reported. Samuel John Brinkley, 35, of Bluefield, and Beverly Jay Brinkley, 36, of Bluefield, were arrested, since both were previously charged with and arraigned for domestic battery.

• DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER VIOLATION: Dep. J.D. Ellison arrested Kevin Ray, 19, of Bluefield, on a warrant alleging violation of a DVP order.

April 30

• DUI: Dep. J.R. Coburn responded to a single-vehicle wreck on Mercer Mall Road. The officer located a silver Honda in the ditch line, where it had entered a private driveway and struck an unattended vehicle. The suspect, Herman Lewis III, 30, of Columbus, Ohio, reported he lost control of the vehicle due to wet roads, but Coburn noted the odor of alcohol on his person. Cpl. Sommers administered field sobriety testing, which Lewis reportedly failed. His blood-alcohol content was also reportedly over the legal limit. He was charged with driving under the influence.

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