Delbray Delgado

Delbray Delgado is seen here after being arrested on felony child neglect and narcotics charges. A photo of Alicia Monique, who he was with, was not available. 

ROCKY GAP, Va. — Two adults were arrested after traveling with five children in the back of a U-Haul truck and narcotics in the cab, officials said Sunday.

The parents, Alicia Monique, 34, and Delbray Delgado, 31, both of Orange County, Florida, were arrested on felony child neglect charges and narcotics charges stemming from the incident that occurred Friday Oct. 4, in Bland County, Va. according to a release from Bland County 911 Sheriff Jason Ramsey.

Bland 911 received a call regarding a small child that was struck in the face by an adult male. The caller advised that the male and child were in a U-Haul truck driving in the area of North Scenic Highway, according to Ramsey's release.

Deputy J.P. Agee and troopers of the Virginia State Police initiated a traffic stop on the U-Haul on Route 52, where they found the child that had been struck and another small child in the front seat. Five children were also in the back of the truck, according to the release. The two children in the front were not secured by any safety measures, Ramsey said.

The child that was struck was one year old, according to Ramsey. No ages were available for the other children.

The five children in the back of the U-Haul were found sitting on piles of clothes in the "extremely hot" truck, Ramsey stated.

In an interview Sunday, Agee stated that outside temperatures were recorded between 80 and 84 degrees when they found the children. According to Agee, the top of the U-Haul was clear which, "magnified the sun."

Upon discovering the seven children Friday, Bland Rescue and Bland Social Services were called to respond to the scene. After the children were medically cleared they were taken into custody and the parents placed under arrest for felony child neglect, according to Ramsey.

Sheriff Jason Ramsey, Chief Deputy John Mustard, and Deputy J.P. Agee then conducted a search of the U-Haul where they discovered multiple baggies, spoons, a set of scales, straws, and a white powder substance. The substance tested positive for Schedule 1 narcotics, Ramsey said in the release.

Monique and Delgado were then charged with possession with intent to distribute. They are currently being held in New River Valley Regional Jail with no bond, Ramsey said.

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