Cody Clayton Eagle

Cody Clayton Eagle, a teen songwriter based in Morgantown, will be compete for the top spot in ‘Nashville Rising Star’ on July 16.

MORGANTOWN — Cody Clayton Eagle is a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter, based in Morgantown, W.Va. He got his first big break when he was selected as a finalist on the reality television competition, American Idol in March of 2018.

The teen started playing guitar when he was eight-years-old and had a broken hip resulting in two surgeries and was confined to a wheelchair while he was healing. He started singing and writing his own songs about two years ago.

Eagle was one of 34 teens in the United States to be selected to compete in Hollywood. American Idol hosts open auditions all over the U.S. and only a select few “receive their golden ticket to Hollywood.”

David Eagle, Cody’s father, said that he was one of 12 people picked from the 3,400 people who auditioned in Charleston, W.Va. this year.

“After that, they narrowed it down to four and he got an invite to Georgia as one of the four and auditioned for the producers of the show,” David Eagle said. “The next round was in New York and he got to sing for Luke Bryant, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.”

Eagle sang his original song, “I will sing” for his audition and was accepted to the next round in Calif. The same song got him into the top 21 on the television show, Nashville Rising Song.

Unfortunately, Cody was eliminated from American Idol after the “Hollywood round” but that was far from the end for his music career. He would go on to record his single, “I will sing” in Nashville, Tenn. with some Nashville notables.

“He was one of the top 150 people on American Idol,” David Eagle said. “He came back from the show and released a song. He has worked with some big artists for 17 years old.”

Cody Eagle is in the process of releasing his second single, but in the meantime, he auditioned for the show, Nashville Rising Song.

“Cody sang the ‘I will sing’ and he won the audience vote by 38 percent and he made it into the top 21 so we will be going back to Nashville July 16 and he will compete for a spot in the final four,” David Eagle said. “If he makes it through that round, he will perform again for the winning spot on Nashville Rising Song.”

Nashville Rising Star is available to watch on or through the Facebook link on Cody Clayton Eagle’s page. The show is based on votes and David Eagle hopes to rally the people of West Virginia behind his son.

“It is really neat to see this happening and there is so much negativity surrounding West Virginia but there is so much great going on here,” David Eagle said. “It would be great to see West Virginia rally behind Cody.”

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