Brandon R.D. Green

Brandon R.D. Green

PRINCETON — A Mercer County resident is facing multiple felony charges including first-degree sexual assault and brandishing a deadly weapon after allegedly attacking a female individual that he knew.

Brandon R.D. Green, 19, of Athens was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-degree sexual assault, assault during the commission of a felony, unlawful restraint, domestic battery and brandishing a deadly weapon, according to the criminal complaint filed by Sgt. M. S. Horn of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.

The female victim, who knew Green, told investigators that Green broke her cellphone “into pieces” and then assaulted her at knifepoint, Horn said in the report.

“She advised that he kept her there against her will beating her with his fist which left bruises on her legs and arms,” Horn stated. “He threatened to kill her and her family.” She was later transported to Princeton Community Hospital to have a sexual assault kit conducted to collect any evidence.

Horn, who went to the scene with Chief C. Lowe of the Athens Police Department, said that Deputy L.L. Addair checked the residence for evidence. Addair located some burned items outside the residence, Horn stated.

Mercer County 911 advised Horn that Green had called saying that he wanted to speak with law enforcement “because he was falsely being accused of sexual assault. Green said that he had been fighting with the female individual “all night” and that she had attacked him, and that they had had sexual relations Saturday.

Green stated that during the argument, she threw her cellphone against a wall and broke it. He also stated that she “pulled a butcher knife on him which he grabbed by the blade to get it away from her,” Horn said in the report.

“I looked at his hands and didn’t see any cuts that would support this claim with him only showing two small cuts that looked like a paper cut, not a cut by a bigger butcher knife that had a serrated blade,” Horn said. “He stated that he hadn’t burned anything.”

Horn said that Green then changed his story and said the sexual encounter had been more recent, and said that he had bent the phone into two pieces after it had been thrown against the wall.

“I then confronted him about the burnt items located outside the apartment and I saw a distinct change in his face and his demeanor changed with stating (female) must have burnt the items,” Horn said. Horn then requested warrants for Green based on the charges.

Green is being held at the Southern Regional Jail in lieu of a $50,000 cash-only bond.

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