Ready for voters...

Deputy Clerk of Mercer County Marie Hill prepares the voting materials Monday morning for today’s general election.

PRINCETON — Races in county commission, town councils, and whether to approve a school levy will be on ballots today when voters in West Virginia and Virginia head to their local polling places.

County clerks in both states finished their preparations Monday for the general election. Polls in West Virginia are open today from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Virginia voters can go to the polls from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thousands of residents have taken advantage of early voting.

“We have 3,800,” Mercer County Clerk Verlin Moye said. “I think the weather shot us in the foot a little bit, but we were on target to hit 4,000. We had a good, brisk early voting turnout, I thought.”

Moye said he was pleased with the results from the county’s newest early voting polling station in Bluewell. The station received 497 early ballots. Another 744 were cast in Bluefield, and the remaining 2,559 were cast at the Mercer County Courthouse in Princeton.

Having a voter registration card at the polls is helpful, but a driver’s license with a current address or other documentation can be used. Poll workers will also have a series of questions they can ask to confirm a person’s identity, Moye said.

McDowell County Clerk Don Hicks said his office handled 331 early votes: 290 were placed on voting machines and the rest were paper ballots.

The county has 37 precincts. People who are not sure about their polling place can call 304-436-8545, 8546, or 8543. Hicks hoped for a good turnout.

“I’m hoping. I really am. The weather isn’t supposed to be too bad, and this is a major election,” he said.

In Monroe County, there were 995 early voters. This is almost 10 percent of the county’s registered voters, said County Clerk Donald Evans. Monroe County has 18 precincts.

“We’ll have staff here beginning 5:30 a.m., and the office will be staffed all day,” Evans said. “We won’t be open for normal business, but for election-related questions and things like that.”

People with questions about their polling places and other election issues can call the Monroe County Clerk’s Office area at 304-772-3096.

“Early voting generally is an indicator of Election Day turnout,” Evans said. “We kind of do expect a good turnout.”

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