BLUEFIELD — Black Friday shopping usually means crowded vehicles and trunks overflowing with Christmas presents, but a Bluefield police officer found something unexpected when he pulled a car over — a man riding in the trunk.

Patrolman J.W. Murray, Jr. was patrolling College Avenue approximately 10:20 a.m. when a Bluefield police dispatcher received a call from a driver on Stadium Drive who thought he had spotted children riding a silver Kia’s trunk.

Murray said he spotted the vehicle heading toward Route 52 on Cherry Street. He caught up with the Kia and stopped it in the Flowers Bakery parking lot near Brushfork. Officers usually watch vehicle trunks during traffic stops to make sure nobody can jump out and take them by surprise, he said.

However, Murray did find a surprise. There were no children in the Kia’s trunk, but there was an adult male from McDowell County.

“He said the car was crowded, ” Murray said. “Since there was no room in the car, he decided to ride in the trunk. His wife was in the front seat and they were friends of the driver.”

People found in car trunks are often trying to avoid being seen by police, but record checks did not reveal any warrants for the man, Murray said. He was not charged with any infractions.

“There’s not a charge for riding in the trunk,” Murray said.

The driver, Drema Arauza, no age available, of McDowell County was ticketed on a count of driving with a suspended license, Murray said. She switched places with another woman who was licensed.

However, the McDowell County man was not allowed back in the trunk, Murray said.

“He started walking, I believe,” Murray said.