BLUEFIELD — A local store is among 23 across West Virginia that will provide a broadband internet hotspot in its parking lot to help people struggling with internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tractor Supply Company on Cumberland Road in Bluefield is among the 23 Tractor Supply stores in West Virginia that has activated hotspots in West Virginia, the West Virginia Attorney General announced Thursday. Each hotspot offers consumers speeds of up to 6 to 50 megabytes per second from the socially-distanced comfort of one’s vehicle, state officials said.

State and company officials announced the project Thursday in Logan, describing it as an immediate, short-term alternative for those needing internet access for school work, telemedicine appointments, business purposes and to connect with friends or family.

“This is a true act of good corporate citizenship,” Morrisey said. “Broadband access is crucial for keeping pace in this ever-changing world. Tractor Supply’s actions will help many West Virginians who in the short term lack access to high-speed internet to excel in school, receive medical care and conduct business.”

“Now more than ever, our neighbors are facing broadband challenges, and Tractor Supply is there to help,” said Chris Vanfosson, Tractor Supply District Manager for West Virginia. “Providing free Wi-Fi at 23 Tractor Supply stores and counting in West Virginia is one of the ways we are trying to help school children, small business owners, farmers and those who need access to telemedicine.”

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