“What’s the worst that could happen?” a New York skydiver asked his buddy before getting ready to leap off the New River Gorge Bridge during the 34th annual Bridge Day.

Hundreds of daredevils from all over the world suited up Saturday, many for their first ever BASE jump.

One of the first-timers, Evalina Turpin, of Canada, said her first jump was “amazing.”

She hit the water, but she said that was her goal since it was her first BASE jump: “Better to be safe than sorry,” she said.

She’s no stranger to skydiving, though — she’s been doing it for nearly four years and she has jumped 350 times. She said her friends convinced her to try BASE jumping and she’s glad they did.

A group of five friends, from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, all making their first BASE jump, came to Bridge Day for the first time this year.

“It was so cool. It was absolutely unbelievable,” 35-year-old Andre Marenich said.

He said he was pretty nervous in line waiting to jump and even more nervous when he slipped on his start.

That slip from the start turned into a flip, so he said his first BASE jump has an awesome story behind it.

“It’s our first time in West Virginia,” added Helen Ursachii, 29.

She said she especially enjoyed the view while coasting down after her freefall.

Three friends from New Jersey, who were part of a skydiving company called Cross Keys, geared up to make a jump together Saturday.

James Russell, 29, Nick Giraldo, 23, and Linda Hoehman, 24, were also impressed by the gorgeous view at the New River Gorge. They said they were drawn to Bridge Day because of the opportunity to jump off such a tall bridge. They hope to someday make a jump in Switzerland and Greece.

“It’s legal bridge jumping!” said Mike Esposito, 25, of Florida. “It’s awesome!”

Esposito has 730 skydives under his belt and was all smiles after smoothly landing his jump. This year marked his third year jumping at Bridge Day.

Alex Girard, 35, of Canada, said this was his first time making a jump at Bridge Day, but he’s been skydiving for three years and has racked up 275 jumps. He’s only been BASE jumping for about two months, but he’s already made 32 jumps.

“It’s exciting,” Girard said. “There’s always new stuff to try.”

He said Saturday he was going to attempt his first backflip while BASE jumping.

Many first-timers and amateurs made the big leap Saturday, but a few of the jumpers were well-seasoned.

Jack Corcoran, 72, of Sterling, Va., has made 15 jumps off the New River Gorge Bridge, and took his first jump at Bridge Day back in 1986.

He has taken an impressive 2,000 skydives in his time, the first back in 1961, and he has also racked up nearly 40 BASE jumps.

“It’s just a hobby. I’ve jumped in Arizona and Texas. I can’t explain it, I just do it.”

The jumper with the most impressive resume would most likely be Moe Viletto, of Pittsburgh. “If I live through today, I’ll be 62 tomorrow.”

Viletto, who has been skydiving for 42 years, boasts being the second person to jump the north face of the Eiger mountain in Switzerland.

He also owns a BASE company called Tailored for Survival and he said he actually built some of the first BASE rigs back in the ’80s.

“I was lucky to get into stunts in Hollywood,” he said.

Viletto said he scored $20,000 to be a stunt double for Wesley Snipes in the movie “Drop Zone.”

He has done stunts for several movies, including “The President’s Man,” where he doubled for Chuck Norris.

Viletto is well-known among the skydiving and BASE jumping crew, as nearly everyone who passed stopped to ask him for tips and advice.

For more information about Bridge Day, visit www.officialbridgeday.com.

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