Members of the Bluewell Improvement Association are asking for help from local residents and businesses to get the waterfall at Woodlawn Memorial Park back up and flowing.

Skip Crane, vice president of the Bluewell Improvement Association, said the many local residents have good memories of visiting the pond and waterfall.

“People who grew up here remember the waterfall,” he said. “They came from far and wide to see it. The water all hasn’t been operating for about 20 years. The waterfall is hidden by brush right now, but it is still right across the street from Cravenshires. There still is a pond right across there, too. There is still water and baby ducks living there.”

However, the equipment pumping the water broke 20 years ago and would be expensive to replace.

“The problem was years ago the lining in the waterfall broke,” Crane said. “When the water runs over the waterfall it would leak out. The water would run out and that would lead the motor to burn out. It will cost $100,000 to replace the waterfall entirely, which is cost prohibitive. We are hoping to repair it with what we can and get it running back up again.”

Crane said said Boy Scout groups will be on hand next summer to begin work on the project as part of the community service component of the 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree. Crane said officials with the Boy Scouts of America and West Virginia Citizens Conservation Corps have already come to check out the location at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

“We are hoping to get the waterfall working again, and we will have a large fountain and beautiful lights,” Crane said. “They came in and did the preliminary work and will bring two bus loads of Boy Scouts in here. For three days, 60 scouts will be in Bluewell to restore the waterfall area. They told us we had 99.9 percent chance of being selected because the project was something scouts could do easily and it was a large project. They project supervisors came down and looked at all over. They thought it was an ideal project for the scouts to do. The scout leaders and several Eagle Scouts will be on hand as well. They will be the ones using the power equipment. The younger scouts will be hauling and cutting brush.”

Before the Boy Scouts come to offer their services next summer Crane said the project will need donations of supplies, materials and money from local residents and businesses.

“Woodlawn Cemetery’s manager Lisa Bowman has already signed off to help financially in some way,” Crane said. “We are asking people and businesses in our area to pitch in for this project. We will need park benches, to borrow tools, gravel for the pathway, underwater lighting and probably need a fundraiser for a beautiful fountain of some sort as well as landscaping with plants. We also want to get security cameras to protect the property when we are finished.”

Crane said the Bluewell Improvement Association is hoping the waterfall area will get local residents out and about when it is restored.

“We want this to be an area for people to stop and relax,” he said. “It will be great for the people who just want to stop through and for all of the ATV traffic that is coming through. There will be several stones set out in memorial for veterans and others that have been dedicated.”

Additionally, Crane said the Bluewell Improvement Association is working on several other projects to improve the community.

“There are 15 of us representing all facets of Bluewell,” he said. “We bought $21,000 worth of Christmas lights last year and bought 12 huge hanging flower pots this year. We would like to buy more Christmas lights so we can go up the hill toward Bramwell and up the hill toward Bluefield with them this year. We would also like to buy 8 more of the large flower baskets so we would have 20 and be able to space them better. We are working on new signage for Bluewell as well.”

For more information on the Bluewell Improvement Association’s projects or to make a donation, call Four Seasons Answering 304-589-0250. Tax-deductible donations should be made out to B.I.A. or Bluefield Improvement Association and can be mailed to Route 3, Box 20, Bluefield, WV 24701.

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