Emily Rice

Emily Rice is the Lifestyles Editor of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph and the Associate Editor of Prerogative Magazine.

As some of you may know, I am not only the Lifestyles Editor at The Bluefield Daily Telegraph, I am also the Associate Editor of our magazine, Prerogative, a women’s magazine that focuses on local stories in a more long-form way. The two publications are kind of like my children and I cannot pick a favorite.

My job, in general, affords me a lot of great opportunities. From interviewing a few big names, attending performances, to spending a day at a spa, I am a very lucky photojournalist.

At the writing of this column, I have just finished the Winter 2019 edition of Prerogative Magazine. I will be honest with you, the last few days of production are always stressful. The last-minute design tweaks, triple checking every detail and making sure it is the best it can be is anxiety-inducing. During this time, there is a bit of a rule with my coworkers to remind me to relax my shoulders as they inch toward my ears with stress. All of this to say, I am very relieved today.

I am not complaining and I am so grateful to be where I am. In my last semester at Marshall University, I realized where my passions lay in photography and print media: features and magazines. In my final semester, I produced an entire magazine from scratch along with three mini-documentaries. These projects helped me realize how much I love long-form storytelling and writing, designing and photographing a magazine helped me realized how much I appreciate that print medium.

I started at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph as a reporter. I had been doing my best since graduating from college to “pay my dues” and work toward a job that I felt fit my passions more, as much as I loved reporting and photographing breaking news. As I am sure most of you know, just a few months after I started working here, our beloved Whitney Browning, my predecessor, decided to pursue full time missionary work. Suddenly, just two months after starting a new job, my dream job opened up, one desk away.

Just after graduation in 2016, I applied to be the features editor at a different newspaper and while I made the final two candidates, I did not get the job. Their editor told me to get some work experience under my belt. I took that advice to heart and asked him if I could freelance for them, while working as a graphic designer at a magazine publishing company. From that point on, I worked very hard to earn experience in my field. The first time in my life I had only one job was when I took the job as a photographer, videographer and reporter in Colorado in 2017.

All of this to say, I approached the Bluefield Daily Telegraph’s Editor, Samantha Perry about the position and after an interview and discussion, here I am. When she told me I had the position, I remember running out to my car to call my family and friends to scream and cry happy tears that I had achieved what I’d been working toward.

While I may have had a stressful week, I am grateful to be where I am. I am grateful for the opportunity to be creative while also using my education in journalism.

In my experience, good things do not come to those who wait, they come to those who work for what they want.

— Contact Emily Rice at erice@bdtonline.com and follow her on Twitter @BDTrice

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