Crystal Vranich

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Crystal Vranich is the author of "Inheritance Adventures" and its sequel, "Writing an Adventure," stories set in the mountains of West Virginia.

BLUEFIELD — Much like her own book’s character, Crystal Vranich’s journey into authorhood was not something she had planned.

This spring, Vranich released her first book, “Inheritance Adventures,” the story of a woman moving to West Virginia and fighting to keep her home.

Vranich and her husband, Dana move around a lot for Dana’s job. They just recently moved from Texas to Colorado. Vranich said that because of the nature of her husband’s work, she has “done a little bit of everything, whatever it takes to keep the bills paid.”

She described the book as an idea in her head, that she inserted her own life experiences into. Once she started writing, she finished the book in a month.

“I will jot notes down and things as I go along but usually if I have an idea I will sit down at the laptop and if I lose track of the time that is a good sign,” Vranich said. “If it does not hold my attention it won’t hold somebody else’s.”

As for the setting of the book, in West Virginia, the couple both grew up in Northern Pennsylvania, often traveling through West Virginia.

“I like that part of the country and it is beautiful, you get all four seasons. You do not realize how much you miss all four seasons until you do not have them,” Vranich said. “I got stuck in traffic there one time and we all had to detour off the highway and that is when I really found what inspired me. It was beautiful and I had the idea for the book but couldn’t figure out where to put the characters, until that detour.”

This was Vranich’s first adventure into writing and publishing a book and the struggles along the way. In fact, when she heard her first, “yes,” from Newman Springs Publishing, she assumed it had been a “no.”

“You get a lot of nicely worded ‘no’s’ and it all boils down to no thanks,” Vranich said. “I called and sent them a copy and I got my first yes. I couldn’t believe it, I assumed he said no. My husband said, ‘ did you hear what he said?”

According to a press release from the publisher of the book, Newman Springs Publishing, the book is the “wild adventure of a woman who’s had enough and is ready to start over from scratch. But it seems things are never easy when family is involved. But family is usually how you fix those problems.”

The main character of the book, Claira Williams faces a divorce after her husband had an affair with Claira’s sister. She relocates from Houston to a small town in West Virginia after inheriting her Aunt Emma Jean’s cabin in the mountains. Vranich describes the book as a sort of romance, adventure and comedy.

“Everyone has a crazy family and some of us like to let it out, sometimes in a book that needs to be written,” Vranich said.

Claira, the main character of “Inheritance Adventures” wants a fresh start in a new place, which seems like the perfect idea until she realizes the cabin was remodeled to her Aunt Emma Jean’s final wishes.

“She was told the cabin just needed cosmetic repairs She pulls in the driveway and there are no windows and just a porch,” Vranich said. “The first person she meets in the new town is the contractor, and he sends her to talk to the attorney.”

“Living through the headaches of construction and catching the eye of the local sheriff takes a backseat when Claira’s older brother, Jim, decides he is entitled to the property,” Vranich writes. “Jim has always gotten what he wanted. One way or another. Claira soon realizes she is in trouble. With the help of her new friends from town and her spitfire mother, Virginia, Claira fights to save her new home. The battle that follows takes a drastic turn when old family secrets get mixed in with the trouble that is brewing. Will she get to keep her new home? Can she keep her mother safe from her brother? How far will her brother go this time to get what he wants?”

Throughout the book, Claira learns that family can be your greatest enemy or your greatest strength.

Vranich has already released the second book in the series entitled, “Writing an Adventure.”

“Inheritance Adventures” and “Writing an Adventure,” by Crystal Vranich are available at bookstores everywhere or online at Apple iBooks Store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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