Jim Justice

CHARLESTON — Gov. Jim Justice made it clear in a briefing Thursday afternoon that all state high school graduates should have a graduation ceremony that is as close to traditional as possible.

Justice said the Department of Education is reaching out to school superintendents in an attempt to come up with a way to have some form of ceremony.

“When we had to cancel school through the end of the year I said to please remember one thing,” he said. “Let’s find a way for our graduates to be able to walk up and accept a diploma…”

Justice said it is meaningful to the families and to the graduates to recognize their accomplishments.

“We may have to wears masks and spread out,” he said, “but we will be able to see these kids.”

Even if it is not held until after mid-July, he said a graduation ceremony should be held.

“I hope and pray we will be able to come up with something,” he said.

Justice also said that pools, bowling alleys and skating rinks can reopen on Saturday, May 30, but indoor movie theaters cannot reopen until June 5.

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