Mercer County Sheriff's Department

BLUEFIELD — Investigators with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department are seeking information concerning an injured dog that was found at the East River Mountain Tunnel in Mercer County.

The dog, which later died, was found in the East River Mountain Tunnel late in the evening of April 2 by a passing motorist who contacted Mercer County 911, according to Detective M.T. Hatfield.

How the dog came to be in the tunnel is under investigation, Chief Deputy Joe Parks said. The sheriff’s department was contacting the tunnel’s firefighters to see if any security videos were available. It was not known whether the dog came from a vehicle or had wandered to the tunnel.

The dog appeared to have a malnutrition issue, Parks said. Whether the dog’s condition was due to a medical condition or neglect was being determined. A veterinarian’s report was needed to follow up about the dog’s weight.

Hatfield said the owners of the dog, a Boston Terrier named Chester, came forward and identified it, and stated that it had been stolen. The owners are from Mercer County.

After the dog was found, it was taken to a Princeton-area animal hospital where it later died, Hatfield said.

Anyone with information relating to the case can contact Hatfield, the investigating officer, at 304-913-4083.

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