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William White, an American Vista with the upper Tennessee River Round Table, speaks to Tazewell County 6th grade students about the ways a watershed becomes polluted at the annual Tour Du Park at the Graham Recreation Park Wednesday.

BLUEFIELD, Va. — Students from Graham Middle School participated in an outdoor science class Wednesday morning at Graham Recreational Park.

Cameron Hampton, 11, from Graham Middle School visited the different stations offered at the outdoor education program. 

“It’s an environmental program,” Hampton said. “It’s about helping the environment. And helping kids learn about the environment. This station we are at is hydroponics and we learned from the station over there about the environment and the tree types and trying to help the environment as best we can. And try to help children learn about it.”

Ellie Spencer, 11, also enjoyed the day inside an outdoor classroom. “We’re here and we’re learning about watersheds and we’re learning how to conserve more plants and make the world healthier,” Spencer said. “It’s really helping us to learn how to save the world. One of the stations that I visited, they had you to shake a bunch of spices which were called pollutions onto this watershed and it polluted it and then you sprayed it with water and it made it go everywhere. And we learned how to prevent pollution.”   

Tazewell Soil and Water Conservation Education Specialist Elizabeth Bennett helped to organize the event. “Today we are hosting the Tour du Parc,” Bennett said. “It’s an outdoor education program where Graham Middle School students come from Graham recreational park. They get to experience different learning stations to help them appreciate the park and the environment.” 

Bennett said officials taught at several different stations on Wednesday. “It’s all about the environment,” Bennett said. “It teaches them to recycle and eliminate waste. It’s also teaching them nutrition, that’s what this station is about. We’re teaching them how to make infused water, to help them to consume more water and help give them a healthier lifestyle. We’re teaching them to make trailmix. It’s an alternative to a candy bar and things like that.” 

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