Giles abduction press conference

Sheriff Morgan Millirons, surrounded by representatives from multiple law enforcement agencies, shared details on the suspect that was arrested and charged with abducting an infant Sunday from a Giles County church nursery during Monday’s press conference at the Giles County Sheriff's Department office.

PEARISBURG, Va. — More details emerged Monday after a suspect was arrested and charged with abducting an infant Sunday from a Giles County church nursery.

Noah Gabriel Trout was found safe Monday in Alleghany County, according to the Giles County Sheriff’s Office. 

During a press conference later that afternoon, Sheriff Morgan Millirons said that Nancy Renee Fridley, 44, of Clifton Forge, Va. had been taken into custody and charged with the child’s abduction. Fridley is facing charges including abduction and felony reckless endangerment of a child.

Millirons said the investigation is ongoing, and he and other officers present declined to answer questions after making their statements. He thanked the media for their patience when press conferences were pushed back.

“You already know the background of Noah’s abduction. He was taken by an unknown female from the nursery of the Riverview Baptist Church (Sunday) afternoon,” Millirons said. “You may not know how many law enforcement officers surged to locate and bring Noah home safely.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies on the local, state and federal levels worked to find the child.

“We’ve all been working nonstop. We have the Pearisburg Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Virginia State Police, United States Marshals Service, the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Authority, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Giles County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. We want to give them a big thank you for the assistance they provided us the last two days,” Millirons said.

Millirons said he could release few details about the investigation.

“I know the community wants answers. Please be mindful. Even though Noah has been recovered, the investigation is still ongoing,” Millirons said. “And we need to be careful of information that is released so we do not jeopardize the prosecution of this case. What we can share with you is during the course of the investigation, a person of interest was identified.”

The investigation led officers to a residence in another county.

“Midday today, law enforcement set up perimeter at a home in Alleghany County. Shortly afterward, FBI agents and a tactical unit with the Virginia State Police saw a child matching Noah’s description in the vicinity of the home. The FBI and the Virginia State Police recovered Noah,” Millirons said.

No motive for Noah’s abduction has been determined, Millirons said. Determining this motive will be part of the investigation.

Emergency medical services personnel checked Noah and “he was fine,” but he was being taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, he added.

“He has been reunited with his family, and we encourage everyone to give them time to process this grueling couple of days,” Millirons stated. 

Another member of the law enforcement community said that finding Noah was a team effort between law enforcement, the media, first responders and people in the community.

“On behalf of my team, I really want to echo what the sheriff said,” Special Agent In Charge Stanley Meador of the Richmond FBI stated to the media gathered outside the sheriff’s office.  “And say thank you, and to you specifically, for your coverage of Noah’s abduction. It’s been prove time and time again the faster we can get accurate information out and engaged our partners in the community, the better chance we have for an outcome just like we had today; and that’s what we all want.”

“So many of us here brought added manpower to this investigation to help with leads and interviews, just like the sheriff mentioned,” Meador stated. “But what’s unique to our office is our Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team. Without going into too much detail, the CARD Team with a component of our Behavioral Analysis Unit, was deployed within a few hours and began complimenting our on the ground investigative efforts here.”

“And here we are. As the special agent in charge of the Richmond FBI, my team and I want to thank everyone and all of my partners standing up here with us today, and all of you and all of our first responders who were on the scene when this began. Thank you to all of you who provided tips and helped us keep this case front and center. Because of you, Noah gets to rest peacefully this evening under the watchful eye of his parents.”

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