Bad weather

BLUEFIELD — After an extended dry spell, the wet weather is forecast to return later tonight, and do so with some possible flooding and gusty winds associated with a strong weather system that could spawn tornados in some areas of the South.

Robert Beasley, meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NSW) in Blacksburg, said the system bringing the rain should move in later today and into Thursday.

“The biggest concern is going to be heavy rain,” he said, with localized flooding and some strong winds.

“The threat of hail is very low and the tornado threat is extremely now in this area,” he added.

Heavy rain could start right after midnight tonight and have a chance to pop up through Thursday morning.

Beasley said the top soil is dry due to the lack of rain recently, but there was so much rain, and snow, prior to that, the ground remains saturated underneath with rivers and creeks at near normal or a bit above.

“We had flooding just two weeks ago,” he said, so 1 to 2 inches of rain in three to four hours could cause localized flooding.

Winds could be rather gusty, he said, but not severe in this area, and a thunderstorm could materialize, especially Thursday evening, with a chance of rain sticking around through Friday morning.

Tornado threats with the system will be farther south and east in the coastal plains, Beasley said.

Today will see very warm temperatures with highs near 70, but cooling off into the 40s by Friday. with sunny skies over the weekend with highs in the 50s.

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