CARSWELL — State police arrested a McDowell County man on sexual abuse as well as attempted sexual assault charges, and after he was questioned on those charges, the defendant confessed to slashing the tires on several vehicles in Carswell Hollow near Kimball.

Randy England, 51, of Carswell Hollow, was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on four counts, including domestic assault and domestic battery — both misdemeanors — as well as sexual abuse and attempted sexual assault — both felonies.

Senior Trooper B.D. Gillespie, of the Welch Detachment, West Virginia State Police was conducting an investigation into the attempted sexual assault, sexual abuse, domestic battery and abuse charges that allegedly occurred in the Kimball area when Trooper C.A. Dunn, also of the Welch Detachment, initiated an investigation into multiple reports of tire slashing in the Carswell Hollow area.

“Nobody knew the exact time that the tires were slashed,” Dunn said. “It occurred sometime after 10 or 11 p.m. or midnight , Tuesday. The earliest anyone noticed that their tires had been slashed was 5 a.m., (Wednesday),”

According to Dunn, he has spoken with seven of the victims, but added that he hoped to talk to the eighth victim today. “There were 13 different cars involved,” Dunn said. “They were all located within a half-mile to a mile range of one another on the lower section of Carswell Hollow nearest to U.S. Route 52.”

According to Gillespie’s report of the incident, England, “admitted to slashing the above stated automobile tires.”

England appeared for his arraignment before McDowell County Magistrate Danny Mitchell on the four sex crime charges. Mitchell remanded the defendant into the custody of the McDowell County jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

Dunn said that he planned to talk with the eighth victim of the alleged tire slashing incident before bringing any charges. Dunn said that some of the 13 vehicles had all four tires slashed while others had two or three tires slashed.

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