Anna Marie Choudhary

Anna Marie Choudhary, charged with first-degree murder in connection to the Skygusty human remains case, appears before the McDowell County Magistrate Richard VanDyke.

WELCH — The final chapter in a macabre tale of torture, murder and incest came to a close Wednesday when the last family member in a trio of father-daughter killers was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Anna Marie Choudhary, 33, of Boone, N.C., received the maximum sentence for second-degree murder by McDowell County Circuit Court Judge Ed Kornish. Choudhary pleaded guilty in January to killing John Thomas McGuire, 38, on or about Feb. 14, 2019, in McDowell County.

Choudhary’s father, Larry Paul McClure Sr., 55, of Pendleton, Ky., and sister, Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure, 31, of Chisago City, Minn., previously entered guilty pleas for their roles in the crime.

Larry McClure pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life without mercy in August 2020.

Amanda McClure pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 40 years in prison in October 2020.

Choudhary’s adoptive parents from Minnesota and McGuire’s mother, Karen Smith, of Opelika, Ala., attended Wednesday’s hearing via teleconference call.

Smith wished the confessed killers “a very miserable life” during the sentencing hearing, McDowell County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dennie Morgan said.

“I hope we got some sort of justice for the family,” Morgan said. “At the end of the day, I’m thankful to Judge Kornish that she (Choudhary) got the maximum sentence. She deserved it.”

McGuire’s body was discovered Sept. 24, 2019, in a grave at a Skygusty residence after McClure disclosed the murder to troopers with the West Virginia State Police.

“Had he (McCluire) not spoken up they would have gotten away with it,” Morgan said. “They had gotten away with it for seven months.”


The story of McGuire’s murder — peppered with family dysfunction, addiction and lust — began when Larry McClure was released from prison after a 17-plus year sentence on child molestation charges and took up residence in McDowell County.

McClure was initially estranged from his daughters, Choudhary, who resided in North Carolina, and Amanda who lived with McGuire in Indiana. However, all were involved in drugs, according to testimony at Larry McClure’s sentencing.

In the days before the murder, Larry McClure drove to Indiana with Choudhary to pick up Amanda and John McGuire who were “dope sick” and having problems with their vehicle, according to previous court testimony. The group then made their way to the Skygusty.

According to previous testimony, the group purchased items to make meth but it did not come out correctly and was a “bad batch.”

While this was happening, Larry McClure had what Choudhary called “a quiet rage.” He would also “go off to the side” and speak with Amanda. Choudhary also recalled that he asked her to cut some pieces of rope, and that she saw nothing strange about this since she had done it before when they hauled scrap metal.

In previous hearings, the family members pointed fingers at each other when it came to naming the ringleader of the murder.

At Larry McClure’s sentencing hearing, testimony indicated “everything was OK for the first 10 days,” according to statements by Judge Kornish. “On Thursday morning you were sitting on the porch and Amanda came out and said she wanted to kill John” and that “she needed things like rope … “

However, Choudhary said at her sentencing hearing that things started to “get strange” after a Valentine’s Day dinner when Larry McClure enticed McGuire to play “the trust game.”

McGuire’s feet were tied up and, when he later moved to get out of the bindings, Amanda McClure hit him in the head with a wine bottle, Choudhary said.

“This game of trust was one of the most evil things I’ve hard of,” Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Morgan said.

Larry McClure said McGuire’s torture began on Thursday, Feb. 14, and lasted through Saturday.

During this time he was hog-tied, tormented, injected with liquid methamphetamine and, later, strangled.

“A black garbage bag was wrapped around his head by Amanda,” Larry McClure said. “Anna strangled him … I held him.”

McClure described it as, “two to three days of hell.”

“Later that morning we buried him in a two-foot grave behind the house,” he said.

The defendants also testified that in the following days McGuire’s body was dug up, dismembered and reburied.


Court documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph in November 2019 revealed an incestuous relationship between Larry McClure and his daughter Amanda.

A criminal complaint filed by West Virginia State Police Trooper K.M. Saddler revealed that Larry and Amanda McClure had sexual intercourse at the Skygusty residence.

Three and a half weeks after the murder of McGuire, Larry and Amanda McClure traveled across the state line to neighboring Tazewell County, Va., where they married.

Choudhary testified she went with her father and sister to Tazewell for the ceremony.

“They took me and said I needed to act like a happy witness,” she stated at her plea hearing.

During Amanda McClure’s sentencing hearing, Smith questioned the motive behind her son’s murder.

“Mrs. Smith, the only answer I can give you as to why things happened is John was with me,” Amanda McClure said. “My dad didn’t want anyone else near me …


At Larry McClure’s sentencing, Kornish gave Smith the opportunity to address the court about her son’s death.

“I forgive you because my god tells me too, but I’ll never forget,” Smith said, standing in front of McClure and speaking directly to him.

“You and your two kids are going straight to hell!” she said. “To marry your own daughter — that’s low-down …

“In my book, all three of you need to die! You don’t deserve to be on this earth breathing …” Smith said vehemently. “I’m gonna live to see you or one of your kids die before I go … Who gave y’all the right to play God?”

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