GARDNER — Adairs Run lead singer Todd Hanchock performed at his old high school on Friday night which was a night all about “coming back home.”

Hanchock was excited to perform at PikeView High School on Friday night following the football game. 

“This is a really cool spot for us to come back to,” Hanchock said. “Obviously, for me this is where I graduated from and you know to get back up this way and to see old friends and family is great. To be a part of homecoming is something I haven’t been a part of since I graduated. I really haven’t been back. This is going to be a really good opportunity to provide some different entertainment for everybody. I’m excited.”

Hanchock describes Adairs Run as “country with an edge.” 

“That is probably the best way to put it,” Hanchock said. “We sound a lot like today’s artist that you hear. We’re a mix between Jason Aldean and Matchbox 20. We kind of give it some old school roots and new school style. We’re based out of Nashville. We moved there about five years ago. We started chasing the dream. We toured all over West Virginia regionally, throughout 2011 and then took off down to Nashville. We’ve been there ever since.”

Hanchock said the band has toured all over the United States. “The Midwest was big for us,” Hanchock said. “Alaska was fun for us. Obviously it’s cool to go out and see everybody’s roots and meet new fans and hear their stories. Tonights all about coming back home.”

Hanchock had some advice for those starting out in the music industry. “You know, starting out at a younger age now, I’d say the best thing you can do is be very active on social media,” Hanchock said. “You have the entire world at your figure tips. Whatever you are as an artist, whatever your brand is, you’ve got social media which is a free platform to reach people. There’s a ton of people who have shown you can make a good living off of the internet.”

Hanchock graduated from PikeView High School in 2004. Hanchock said Adairs Run recently opened for Jake Owen. “And Locash and Chase Rice, we opened up for those three in the last couple of weeks,” Hanchock said. “We’ve got a couple more coming up soon, with a couple acts I can’t name just yet. We’ve been touring and have been able to open up for some national acts. It’s a great opportunity. We really enjoy it.”

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