Andrea Fry

Andrea Paige Fry

PRINCETON – A Mercer County woman has been arraigned on charges including first-degree murder and charges are pending on a man with ties to a Bluefield-area gang in the December 2019 shooting death of a man at a Brushfork home.

Andrea Paige Fry, 20, of Bluefield, was arraigned Wednesday before Magistrate Charles Poe on charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony in the death of Edward Earl Duck III. Circuit Court Judge Williams Sadler did not set a bond. Fry is currently being held at the Southern Regional Jail.

Detective Cpl. M.S. Horn of the Mercer County Sheriff's Department said in his criminal complaint that he learned the identity of Fry and another suspect, Deliezha Gravely, who is currently being held without bond on parole violations at the Southern Regional Jail.

Gravely belongs to the Dirty Money Gang that operates in the Bluefield area to sell controlled substances (drugs), Horn stated in the report. Horn had warrants, but they had not been served on him as of Thursday. Gravely also faces charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The case began Dec. 22, 2019 when Deputy J. Conner and Corporal C. Paitsel of the Mercer County Sheriff's Department responded to 3379 Brushfork Road in the Brushfork area of Mercer County about a complaint from a male individual stating he had been shot around 6:45 a.m., Horn said in his report.

When the deputies arrived, the victim, who was later identified as Edward Earl Duck III, was in the front passenger seat of a running white Honda CR-V, Horn said. The Bluefield Rescue Squad arrived. The squad's personnel had to remove Duck's clothing, and Paitsel and Conner saw a gunshot wound in the victim's right collar bone area. Duck was removed from the vehicle and transported to Bluefield Regional Medical Center.

Conner and Paitsel then checked the residence and found the back and front doors open, Horn said. Only the front door's screen door was closed and "it being cold that morning, they felt as this was not right."

"They observed two sets of footprints in the frost on the porch, one appeared to be bare feet and the other had a shoe print which they took pictures of," Horn said. "They checked the residence to see if any other possible victims or suspects could be inside the residence. They observed a .40 S&W caliber spent shell casing in the doorway area of a bedroom where a heater and a blowup mattress were located."

Detective E. Parks with the Violent Crime and Drug Task Force also went to the scene after deputies found "a substantial amount of controlled substance believed to be methamphetamine in the area where the spent shell casing was found," Horn said in the criminal complaint.

"We were then notified the victim Edward Duck III had died at Bluefield Regional Medical Center due to the single gunshot would he sustained," Horn stated.

Robbery appeared to be the motive behind the shooting.

"The weight of the suspected crystal methamphetamine was 1.5 pounds, which is a substantial amount," Horn said in the report. "It was then believed the motive for the shooting and killing of Edward Duck III was to rob him of any money and drugs in his possession. It was reported that Duck kept a waist like bag or fanny pack, this is where he always kept his money."

The Brushfork residence was Duck's "trap" or "stash" house, "which is common slang for the place where controlled substances are kept," Horn said in the report.

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