Most of us have seen, over the years, newspaper or magazine cartoons ridiculing a disheveled, usually bearded person carrying a sign that “The End is Near.”

Presently, the bearded person could be represented by several real persons, like Al Gore, John Kerry, President Obama, among others. These folks have taken up the cause of people (man) caused global climate change. According to them, this is a greater threat to humankind and the rest of the Earth’s population than nuclear war, terrorism, Ebola and etc. Former VP and near President (close call, that was) Gore thinks that climate change skeptics should be fined, imprisoned, medicated or placed in institutions since the “science”, they believe, is so clear and “settled”.

A quick, unbiased review of literature and research shows that much of the “science” of climate change, man made, is cobbled together by groups who depend on promoting this belief for a living, either to profit from schemes like carbon credits, get paid for “movies” or “research” presented as fact to scare little children, liberal professors and other child-like adults, and to sell something. They are intended to destroy fossil fuel use and force inefficient “renewable energy” sources like wind, sun, etc. Organizations like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control, (IPPC), depend on nearly entirely “fudged” or faked data to “prove” their position. People like James Hanson, Phillip Jones, Bill McKibben, try to convince us that their personal convictions are “settled science” that everybody, other than a few nut jobs, believe.

Schemes using “alternate” or renewable energy could exist only by huge subsidies, or contributions from your tax dollars, and still contribute only a tiny percentage of energy use.

Most places that have fallen for the alternate energy forms are feeling very sorry about the decision, and backing away. Not to deny that there have been great improvements in burning “fossil fuels” cleanly. Air has never been cleaner in the industrial age. But now our government, through the EPA and United Nations, even wants to control your wood stove and back yard grill, for goodness sake.

At the risk of seeming like the guy with the sign, I wonder if there is a more worrisome climate control effort. Like the emperor with no clothes, we are told that we don’t see what is in plain sight. Essentially every clear day we have become accustomed to seeing from a few to as many as 50 or more contrails, some refer to them as Chemtrails. We are assured, most recently by the National Geographic magazine, that these are simply vapor trails from condensation of burning jet fuel. The fact that we never noticed these things until about 30 years ago is explained by increased air traffic, etc. Anyone who suspects that these are deliberately caused in order to affect weather patterns, affect crop growth or some such thing, is dismissed as “kooky.” Some of these kooky people suspect that these chemtrails are created by adding coal “fly ash” or similar chemicals to jet exhaust. Hopefully these chemtrails are merely a natural phenomenon. Certainly, our government wouldn’t be allowing it without careful study and review of risks and benefits to we ordinary citizens. Would it.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va.

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