The city aims to utilize Transportation Enhancement Program grant funds to design and install new welcome and directional signs throughout Princeton. Currently in the design phase, Architect Todd Boggess sat down last week with Princeton City Council’s Finance and Administration Committee recently to outline his suggestions.

First off, Boggess recommended incorporating Princeton’s new slogan, “The Heart of Mercer County,” but including it in a way that could be altered in the future.

“We will have the slogan as part of the sign, but have it as a way that it can evolve,” Boggess said, explaining that the themed portion of the sign could be created so that it could be removed or redesigned, if desired.

Some of the sign designs he distributed included graphic hearts inside the slogan, but they were unanimously nixed by several Council members.

“No hearts,” Councilman Tim Ealy said, followed by agreement from Councilman Jimm Norman.

The overall design of the crisp, modern signs shaded and lit in blue and featuring a gold-leaf “princeton” gained unanimous support from the panel.

“The big idea is to have a stone base with our sign, and the base is going to be a little different with each sign,” Boggess said.

In some locations, the bases will need to elevate signs to make them easily visible, while existing structures could be used in others.

The sign planning gained local attention when City Council offered a $500 reward for the person who recommended the slogan members believed best described Princeton. Approximately 593 potential slogans were submitted, and Council members selected The Heart of Mercer County as their favorite.

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