Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 14, 2013

Crab Orchard man gets life in psychiatric hospital

By Wendy Holdren
For the Daily Telegraph

CRAB ORCHARD — A 23-year-old Crab Orchard man was sentenced Wednesday in Raleigh County Circuit Court by Judge Robert A. Burnside to spend the rest of his life in the William R. Sharpe psychiatric hospital after pleading not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to kidnapping and attempted first degree sexual assault.

Christopher Dane Jarrett was arrested by Beckley Police March 18, 2012, after an incident with a young boy at a local medical facility.

Jarrett admitted to luring the 9-year-old into an empty exam room and removing the boy’s shoes.

When the boy tried to escape, Jarrett grabbed his arm and he screamed, prompting Jarrett to let him go.

Police said that Jarrett admitted to becoming sexually aroused by little boys and dirty socks. They also said Jarrett further confessed that if the victim had not escaped, he would have performed oral sex on the boy, and shoved his dirty socks down his throat.

After their investigation, police said there may have been other victims, as Jarrett claimed to have lured other young boys into bathrooms at local libraries and retail stores, telling them he was “conducting a science project and needed their socks.”

Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller said no other victims stepped forward after police put out a bulletin alert.

“We’ll never know if there were other victims or if he was just fantasizing.”

She said Jarrett has stated his age of sexual preference was 6, and other victims may have been so confused and afraid that they never told anyone what happened.

Keller reviewed two psychiatrists’ evaluation of Jarrett; both found that Jarrett was likely to act out again, as he is incapable of controlling his conduct.

She noted that one doctor said Jarrett was “the most severe case of sexual deviancy he had ever seen.”

The doctor deemed that counseling would be useless, as Jarrett cannot deal with his hallucinations, supposedly of shoes speaking to him.

Computers were seized from Jarrett’s residence and police found hundreds of what Keller described as “bizarre and disturbing images” of dirty socks and young boys in sex acts.

Jarrett was allowed to address the court and he offered an apology.

“I’m sorry for what I did and I’m really sorry for the victim’s family.”

He said retired Capt. Jeff Shumate had told him that the victim in this case “was scared to death to come out of his room.”

“I don’t want that on nobody,” Jarrett said. “I want to say I’m sorry.”

He expressed his interest in getting help for his fetish.

Jarrett entered his plea of not guilty by reason of mental defect or mental disorder. Judge Burnside then sentenced him to the Sharpe Hospital, where he will be evaluated and committed for treatment for the remainder of his life.

As for the attempted first degree sexual assault charge, Burnside ordered an additional three-year sentence to be served consecutively.

If Jarrett is ever released, he will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.