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May 7, 2013

Va. family wants its green plastic aliens back

ROANOKE, Va. — A Virginia family wants its aliens back.

Roanoke police say someone took a pair of green plastic alien decorations from the front yard of Robert and Dian Bolling. The couple bought them at a Halloween clearance sale and they’ve been a fixture and conversation piece for more than a decade.

The Bollings also used the 3-foot decorations as a diversion for stress.

The Bollings have three special-needs teenagers who require constant care. Dian Bolling says it’s hard to deal with, and she and her husband have lost a lot of friends. So the aliens became an effective way for the Bollings to connect with others. They also used the figurines to teach their boys communication and socialization skills.

Now, the children know something is missing from their front yard.

The aliens were taken in late April. The Bollings have posted signs on telephone poles and storefront windows.  The Roanoke Times ( reports the case has been assigned to a city detective.

At times the aliens have been displayed from the Bollings’ roof or trees. They’ve been decorated with Christmas lights. When last June’s derecho blew on through, a sign attached to the aliens read: “Oops!”

“A fuse blew in the mother ship,” Dian Bolling said.

The aliens have entertained two neighborhoods, and strangers have stopped by to ask for permission to take photos, sparking friendships that the couple couldn’t have anticipated.

“People used to come by and ask, ‘What are you going to do next?”’ Robert Bolling said. “It was a ton of fun.”

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