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April 9, 2012

Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone, iPad

CHENZHOU, China — Five people in southern China are facing charges after they aided a 17-year-old boy in selling his kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad.

According to the government-run Xinhau News Agency, a surgeon and four others were indicted on charges of intentional injury after removing the kidney from the boy in April 2011. Chinese prosecutors said the boy is now suffering from a renal deficiency as a result.

One of the defendants in the case received $35,0000 after arranging the transplant. The 17-year-old was paid $22,000 for his kidney and the rest of the money was divided among the surgical team who removed the organ.

The boy was from one of China’s poorest provinces. When he brought home the Apple products, his mother asked him where they had come from and he admitted to selling his kidney.

Apple products are popular in China but often priced beyond what most citizens can afford. Only a small amount of those needing organ transplants in the country have been able to receive them, making many patients travel overseas or purchase needed organs on the black market.

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