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January 23, 2012

TV station re-enacts trial with puppets

CLEVELAND — After being banned from using cameras during a high-profile trial, one television station has taken to re-enacting court events with puppets.

Station WOIO recaps the events of the trial of ex-Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora nightly, starring a squirrel puppet reporter who satirizes the case. The news station delivers reports on the case early on in the newscast before closing with the puppet performance.

Titled “The Puppet’s Court,” the segment repeats testimony in the case, which is expected to last for another three months. Due to the ban on cameras in the court, most news stations have had to resort to footage of Dimora and his wife entering and leaving the courtroom each morning.

So far, the puppets have re-enacted segments including Dimora’s alleged romp in a topless hot tub in Las Vegas as well as taped phone calls featuring explicit comments. Dimora is facing charges of racketeering among others.

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