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April 6, 2012

Guitarist treated for rabies after bat urinates in his eye

ST. LOUIS — A heavy metal guitarist is regretting interactions with a bat after being treated for rabies.

According to MSNBC, Andrew Elstner, guitarist for the Florida-based band Torche, was staying at friend’s house in St. Louis when he managed to trap a wild bat in the home. In his attempts to capture the creature, Elstner said it urinated into his eye.

Elstner reportedly attempted to flush out the liquid in the sink, but later sought medical attention at a nearby hospital on the recommendation of his parents and doctors to prevent contracting rabies. If a human contracts rabies from a wild animal, the disease must be treated within a short period of time before it becomes fatal.

However, Elstner has taken the incident and his newfound fame in stride. He has been featured in several music magazines since the incident and said the encounter has cemented his “status in metal’s immortal brotherhood.”

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