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October 5, 2013

Princeton police blotter Sept. 26-30

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

PRINCETON — Mercer Sheriff

Sept. 26

BREAKING AND ENTERING TO AUTO; GRAND LARCENY: A male subject reported a pressure washer had been stolen from the back of his vehicle while it was parked at the Comfort Inn on Ambrose Lane near Princeton.

Sept. 27

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (INFORMATION ONLY): A male subject reported an elderly male subject had struck his fence with his vehicle on accident. The officer investigating, Dep. D.A. Furches, believed the matter to be civil in nature.

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported her purse was missing after a visit to the Dollar General Store on Athens Road near Princeton.

FORGERY (THREE COUNTS): A female subject reported three of her child's checks had been taken and cashed without his permission. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.

HIT AND RUN: Several subjects reported to Dep. J.D. Gills a female subject had backed into a parked car at the Dollar General near Bluewell, gotten out and surveyed the damage before leaving the scene.

BURGLARY: A male subject living near Falls Mills Road reported several items were stolen from his residence. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.

POSSESSION OF MATERIAL DEPICTING MINORS ENGAGED IN SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT; RECEIPT OF MATERIAL DEPICTING MINORS ENGAGED IN SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT: Eric Hitt, 28, of Princeton, was arrested on the charges listed. Allegedly, the subject possessed a computer and external hard drive which he knew contain images of minors engaged in sexual activity.

Sept. 28

PETIT LARCENY; BREAKING AND ENTERING TO AUTO: Two female subjects reported items were missing from a vehicle parked at Mercer Mall.

BURGLARY; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported her purse had been stolen.

BURGLARY; PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported several items were missing from his residence on Aloe Lane near Princeton.

Sept. 30

LOST/STOLEN TAG: A male subject reported the license plate from his vehicle had been stolen.

Oct. 1

DOMESTIC ASSAULT; DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Sgt. G.W. Woods responded to Braxton Avenue off of Airport Road in reference to a domestic disturbance. While in route, the officer was flagged down by a male subject. The officer noted the vehicle the male was traveling in appeared damaged. The male reported his girlfriend had damaged the vehicle. The male was taken into custody due to statements made by the female subject to Emergency Services. Woods and Dep. C.K. Lester continued to the girlfriend's residence. The girlfriend allegedly reported striking the male subject after learning he had been texting an ex-girlfriend. Allegedly, the male subject  choked her and had thrown her into a door in response. The female allegedly struck the male several times during the argument.   The officer observed damage to a door inside the residence. Joseph Thomas, 28, of Cabin Creek, and Erin Jones, 24, of Bluefield,  were arrested.

FRAUDULENT USE OF CREDIT CARD (WARRANT): Brandyn Taylor, 26, of Princeton was arrested on a warrant.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported a laptop computer purchased for his wife was stolen.

WORTHLESS CHECK: Brenda Cardwell, 61, of Bluefield, turned herself in on a warrant.

Princeton Police

Sept. 26

BREACH OF PEACE: Officers including Ptlm. R.S. Gibson responded to Stafford Drive in reference to a male subject staggering across the roadway. The officers located the male subject and made contact with him. Allegedly, the male subject smelled of alcohol, his eyes appeared bloodshot, and his speech slurred. Allegedly, the male admitted to consuming two beers earlier in the evening. Allegedly, before a preliminary breath test, the male became belligerent and threatened one of the officers. Nicky Gilley, 26, of Princeton, was arrested.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to the Princeton Senior High School track in reference to a male exposing himself to others. The officer made contact with the male who allegedly admitted to exposing himself at that and other locations. Jessie Burks, 23, of Princeton, was cited.

BREAKING AND ENTERING; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported several items were missing from her residence on East Main Street.

Sept. 27

BREACH OF PEACE; PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Officers responded to the alley behind Mercer Street in reference to a domestic altercation. Upon arrival, Lt. T.A. Gray observed a male subject in that area take a drink from a can of beer. The officer arrested the male. The male registered a 0.240 blood-alcohol content during a preliminary test. Allegedly, the male's girlfriend became belligerent as the male was being arrested. The officer then arrested her as well. David Cecil, 43, and Edna Runyon, 42, of Princeton, were arrested.

RECOVERED PROPERTY: Officers located a large amount of currency in trash can on Lower Pine Street.

Sept. 28

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (SECOND OFFENSE); DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: Ptlm. J.E. Malm observed a vehicle fail to yield and not use a turn signal as it turned onto Harrison Street. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle complied. The officer asked the driver if she had any alcohol during the night. Allegedly, the female admitted to drinking three alcoholic beverages. The officer asked the female to perform three field sobriety tests. Allegedly, the female failed two of three tests. The officer noted the female was very happy during the tests. Allegedly, she registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.134 on preliminary testing. The female allegedly did not produce a sufficient breath sample for additional testing. Ashley Lane, 24, of Bluefield, was arrested.

OPEN CONTAINER; DOMESTIC BATTERY: Ptlm. J.E. Malm located a female subject sleeping inside of a vehicle. Allegedly, the female smelled of alcohol and registered a 0.263 blood-alcohol content in preliminary testing. The female was learned to have injuries sustained in a domestic altercation and was transported to Princeton Community Hospital.

Sept. 29

DOMESTIC ASSAULT; BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; BRANDISHING: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich and Lt. T.A. Gray responded to Wendys in reference to a domestic altercation. Two subjects reported to the officers reported a male subject had confronted them near the intersection of 12th Street and Morrison Drive. Allegedly, the male threw an object against the vehicle. Allegedly, the male subject struck one of the two subjects and threatened the two subjects with a knife. Allegedly, the male admitted to having a knife. Shane MacMillan, 19, of Princeton, was arrested.

BATTERY ON A POLICE OFFICER (TWO COUNTS); ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER (TWO COUNTS); DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Ptlm. R.S. Gibson and Lt. T.A. Gray responded to apartments on Mercer Street in reference to a male subject brandishing a handgun. A female subject reported the male was inside of one of the apartments. The officers knocked on the door. When the door opened, the officers observed the male inside to have a handgun pointed in the general direction at waist height. Gray allegedly grabbed the male by the arm and took him to the ground. The male allegedly refused to comply with the officer's instructions before the officers gained control. The male's girlfriend allegedly became belligerent toward the officers. The officers then took her into custody. Allegedly she began acting belligerent toward the complainant. The officers used pepper spray to subdue the female. Allegedly, the male subject became belligerent toward the officers as well. The officers had to use pepper spray to subdue the male as well. James Hicks, 23, and Dallas Smith, 23, of Princeton, were arrested.

PETIT LARCENY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported the stereo had been stolen from her vehicle while it was parked at Kroger.

Sept. 30

PETIT LARCENY: Ptlm. R.S. Gibson observed a missing culvert grate.

CARRYING A CONCEALED DEADLY WEAPON: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich responded to Harrison Street in reference to shots being fired. The officer located a male subject walking down steps with a gun behind his back. Officers observed the male place the weapon behind a door. The officers later located the weapon and arrested Jamian Booker, 18, of Princeton.

SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded Kroger in reference to a shoplifter in custody. Store management reported the subject had taken items from boxes and placed them into her purse. Ashley Hill, 34, of Princeton, was arrested.

BENCH WARRANT (GRAND LARCENY); BENCH WARRANT (FALSE PRETENSES AND PETIT LARCENY): Staci Martin, 32, of Princeton, was located and arrested.