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February 4, 2013

Princeton Police Deparrtment _ Jan. 24-29, 2013

Bluefield Daily Telegraph


Jan. 24

FRAUDULENT DISPOSITION OF RENTAL PROPERTY: An employee of Aaron's Rentals reported that a female subject hadn't paid on either of the two leases she had signed with the company.

SIMPLE POSSESSION: During a traffic stop on Brick Street, Ptlm. B.E. Grimm observed the driver's chest  was “palpitating heavily” and his eyes appeared bloodshot. The officer asked if there was anything that they needed to know about in the vehicle. The driver allegedly advised that he had two bags of marijuana on his person. The officer located and confiscated the items. Joseph McCarty, 22, of Princeton was arrested.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported that the back window of her vehicle was broken out and items were missing from her car.

Jan. 25

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A female subject reported that her husband had struck her after an argument. Ptlm. J.L. Faris observed an abrasion consistent with the female's account on the female's eye. Officers located and arrested Roger Patton, 52, of Princeton, later that day.

Jan. 26

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Lt. B.R. Woodard, Ptlm. D.A. Weatherly and E.D. Leftwich responded to Christie Avenue in reference to a domestic incident. A female subject advised that her and her boyfriend were involved in an argument. The female said the argument began when the male subject attempted to choke their dog. Allegedly, the male stopped choking the dog and began choking her. The female further reported that the male had allegedly struck her. The officers noted the male was belligerent and appeared intoxicated. Steven Uhler, 36, of Princeton, was arrested.

TELEPHONE HARASSMENT; TERRORISTIC THREATS: Officers including Ptlm. D.B. Morey responded to a call in reference to a cross burning. A caller advised someone had placed a wooden cross in her yard and set fire to it.

Jan. 27

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A male subject reported damage to his parents' fence on Hale Avenue.

CONSPIRACY; SHOPLIFTING; DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded Big and Small Lots in reference to a shoplifter. Upon the officer's approach to the business, he located the suspect, a female with a jacket concealing several boxes. The officer approached the female and she allegedly informed that none of the items she had were paid for. The officer noted the female appeared to be working with the driver of a vehicle had fled upon the officer's arrival. Carmen Garza, 24, of Bluefield, was arrested.

Jan. 28

SHOPLIFTING: Sgt. E.T. Pugh and Ptlm. J.L. Faris responded to Grant's Supermarket on East Main Street in reference to a shoplifter. The store's loss prevention officer advised a female subject had placed a pack of gum and a can of body spray in her purse and had attempted to leave without paying. Samantha Rathburn, 22, of Bluefield, was cited.

SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. T.A. Bailey and J.L. Faris responded to Kroger's on Stafford Drive in reference to a shoplifter. Loss prevention officers advised that a female subject had picked up a can of detergent and had attempted to leave without paying. Misty Hale, 30, of Bluefield, was cited.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Ptlm. D.B. Morey responded to Straley Avenue in reference to a domestic incident. A female subject advised her boyfriend had come home drunk and belligerent toward her. The female reported that the male had choked her until a friend pulled him off. The male allegedly left the residence. Upon his return, Michael Heck, 51, of Princeton, was arrested.

Jan. 29

DISORDERLY CONDUCT; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Lt. K.T. Compton and Sgt. D.B. Whited responded to Valley Street. The renter of the property advised that two of the people at his apartment building were no longer welcome. The officers observed several bottles of alcohol on the floor of the apartment and that both persons, a male and female, appeared intoxicated. The female subject allegedly refused to leave. After several attempts, the officers attempted to place the female under arrest and she allegedly pulled her hands away. The female allegedly continued to kick and scream after being told to stop. The complainant also allegedly exited his residence and began cursing at the female subject. The officers told the male to stop. Allegedly, he continued and was arrested for disorderly conduct. Once under arrest, the female subject reportedly damaged a chair in a holding cell and refused to exit the patrol car. Jessica White, 29, of Spanishburg, and Randy Arnold, 51, of Princeton, were arrested.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported cash was missing from his vehicle after he had it serviced.