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April 8, 2013

Mercer County Sheriff's Department —March 28-April 2, 2013

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Mercer Sheriff

March 28

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Dep. J.D. Ellison located and arrested James Mabry III, 25, after he learned Mabry was wanted on a warrant from Tazewell County, Va.

CAPIAS: Steven Fortner, 54, turned himself in on a Capias Warrant.

March 29

DOMESTIC BATTERY; DOMESTIC ASSAULT: Sgt. G.W. Woods, Deps. G.C. Paitsel and A.M. Ballard responded to Joywood Road near Princeton in reference to a domestic altercation. A female subject reported her husband was at her residence and had started an altercation. She advised that her husband had knocked her to the ground and had kicked her in the back. The female reported that she was concerned because she was nine weeks pregnant. The female reported striking her husband in the nose to get him off of her and that her phone was broken in the altercation which made her unable to call emergency services immediately. The female further reported receiving threatening text messages from her husband. The officers located the husband at a residence on Smoky Street in Princeton. The officer noted the husband was "on bond" for another domestic incident with his wife. David Farley, 39, of Princeton, was arrested.

BURGLARY: A male subject reported his home on Glacier Avenue near Princeton had been broken into and that several items were missing.

GRAND LARCENY: Dep. J.D. Ellison learned several items rented to a male subject had been pawned for cash. This case was forwarded to the detective bureau.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; PETIT LARCENY: Dep. J.D. Gills learned a car's window had been broken out and several items were stolen from the car parked at Outback Steakhouse near Princeton.

BATTERY ON OFFICER; OBSTRUCTING RESISTING AN OFFICER; ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER: Cpl. S.A. Sommers, Deps. J.E. Coulter, J.D. Gills, and H.L. Walters responded to Kipps Road near Princeton in reference to an intoxicated female subject. A male subject reported that a female subject had ridden to his home with a friend. Allegedly, the female got into an argument with the friend and began to destroy the man's property. The male further advised detaining the female for her safety. The officers located the female subject on a couch where she appeared to be crying. The female advised she lived in Oakland Terrace with her parents. She refused to be transported to that residence. Allegedly, the female subject attempted to leave by walking past the officer. The officer then detained the female on the couch by grabbing one of her hands. Allegedly, the female began striking the officer with her free arm. Dep. Walters assisted in detaining the female subject. Officers then escorted her to their patrol car. Allegedly, the female refused to enter the vehicle and kicked the officers several times when they used a pressure point to get her in the vehicle. The female allegedly became verbally abusive toward the officers during transport. Misty McKinney, 23, of Princeton, was arrested. Allegedly, the female attempted to strike the officers during fingerprinting before being detained.

March 30

BREAKING AND ENTERING: A female employee reported that unauthorized persons had entered the Mignon IV Lounge in Green Valley.

BREAKING AND ENTERING TO AN AUTOMOBILE: A male subject reported his handgun was missing from his vehicle.

March 31

GRAND LARCENY: A male subject reported his ring had been stolen.

STALKING; BATTERY: Dep. D.A. Furches responded to Fox Ridge Apartments in reference to a domestic disturbance. A female subject reported that her ex-boyfriend had been sending her threatening text messages. Allegedly, the male subject hid underneath steps, chased the female's current boyfriend, and  had struck the current boyfriend twice before fleeing. Cassidy Byrd, 22, was arrested. Officers later learned Byrd was wanted on a warrant from Tazewell County, Va.

April 1

GRAND LARCENY: A male subject reported two chainsaws had been stolen from an outbuilding on his property on Greasy Ridge Road. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.

April 2

DOMESTIC ASSAULT; DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Sgt. G.W. Woods and Deps. W.C. Wilborn, G.C. Paitsel and J. Lester responded to a domestic altercation on Buckeye Hollow Road. A female subject reported her boyfriend had become upset, shut her hand in the door and had punched the wall of the residence. Timothy Poole, 24, of Princeton, was arrested.

BURGLARY; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported to Dep. W.E. Rose that since she had moved into an apartment at Kensington Court, she had a lot of problems. The female reported being driven to a doctors appointment and returning to find three books of checks had been stolen. The female also reported that someone had been in her residence. The female reported that she believed persons entering her home had been "some type of drug police that check on everybody." The female further reported the drug police had tapped her phone, brought seeing-eye dogs into her residence to search for drugs, and had moved a curtain to let her know that they had been there. The officer noted being unable to determine the validity of the female's story. The female advised the officer before she left that her daughter had her picked up for her doctor's appointment because she was “delusional.”

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. W.E. Rose responded to a disturbance on Bramwell Hill Road.  A male subject reported another male subject had entered his garage and was screaming inside. The officers located the male who allegedly advised he had seen his girlfriend inside the garage engaged in intercourse with his brother-in-law and had broken into the garage to stop them. The officers noted the male appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance and that deputies had responded to similar incidents in the past. Chuckie Sykes, 51, of Bramwell, was arrested. The male subject repeatedly advised the officers during transport that he had seen lots of women but none were his girlfriend.

TELEPHONE HARASSMENT (WARRANT): Dep. K.M. Saddler located and arrested Rhonda Day, 33, of Bluefield, after he learned she was wanted on a warrant from Pocahontas County.