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April 8, 2013

Princeton Police Department — March 28-April 3, 2013

Princeton Police

March 28

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded to Christie Avenue in reference to a male subject standing in the roadway trying to fight his neighbors. The male subject advised the officers that he had words with his neighbors and wanted to fight them. The officer observed the subject to be heavily intoxicated. The male's girlfriend advised the male had become belligerent upon drinking alcohol and began to tear up her house. The female subject refused to press charges. Steven Uhler, 36, of Princeton, was arrested.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Lt. K.T. Compton responded to Upper Pine Street in reference to a domestic argument. Allegedly, a male subject had gotten into an argument with his sisters and had pushed his mother. One of the sisters allegedly pulled a knife in self-defense. The male subject allegedly threatened to knock the females' teeth out. Allegedly, the subject continued to argue with his sisters in the officer's presence. Erick Showalter, 25, of Princeton, was arrested.

SHOPLIFTING (FIRST OFFENSE): Ptlm. J.D. Halsey observed a female subject allegedly take several items from Grant's on East Main Street without paying. The officer located the female subject and observed several items near her. Michelle Rice, 39, of Bluefield, Va., was cited.

SHOPLIFTING (FIRST OFFENSE): Ptlm. J.D. Halsey observed a female subject take makeup packages and attempt to leave Grant's on East Main Street without paying. The officer confronted the female and recovered the items. Breena Sarver, 41, of Alderson, was cited.

March 29

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER; FLEEING ON FOOT; FALSELY REPORTING AN EMERGENCY INCIDENT; UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION: Lt. B.R. Woodard observed a truck traveling on Mercer Street with no taillights. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Allegedly, the vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed. The officer was unable to locate the vehicle. Ptlm. D.A. Weatherly located the vehicle, now abandoned, in an alley. While the officers were attempting to locate the vehicle, they received a call of shots fired at Taco Bell. The officers learned the shots fired call to not be credible. The officers then received a call of two suspicious individuals crouched between homes on Harrison Street. Ptlm. D.B. Morey located two male subjects allegedly fleeing the location upon arrival. The officers later located two male subjects in the same bed of a residence. One of the males advised that his girlfriend was driving the truck and they had run when the saw the officer's lights. The other male reported that the two males were alone in the truck . Later, the first male subject admitted to driving the vehicle. The officers noted the male subject had the odor of alcohol coming from his person. Allegedly, he admitted to drinking a small amount of alcohol. That male was found to be a juvenile and was cited for underage consumption and released to his aunt. Allegedly, the other male admitted to calling in the shots fired at Taco Bell. Matthew Furches, 19, of Princeton, was arrested and charged with obstructing, fleeing, and falsely reporting an emergency incident.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER; ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER; RECKLESS DRIVING: Ptlm. R.S. Gibson was on patrol on Thorn Street and observed a vehicle near cause an accident by pulling into traffic. The officer followed and observed the vehicle begin to weave in and out of its lane. The officer initiated a traffic stop. Allegedly, the vehicle pulled abruptly into a parking lot, nearly striking a building before being stopped by a concrete barrier. Allegedly, the female driver told the officer that she had become nervous when the police lights came on. The female allegedly was unable to provide the officer with a valid ID. The female subject allegedly gave the officer a false name before being confronted with an insurance certificate with her real name on it. The officer learned the female had her license revoked previously. Allegedly while in custody, the female subject threatened the officer. Michelle Miller, 47, of Princeton, was arrested.

FORGERY; UTTERING: A male subject reported a check had been forged and used at Kroger.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A female subject reported to Ptlm. R.S. Gibson that her boyfriend had struck her during an argument. Sgt. D.B. Whited located the male subject involved in the incident. The male subject reported that he had not been in contact with the female. The officers observed both subjects to be intoxicated. The male subject was found to be without one shoe. The officers located the male's other shoe in the female's residence. Timothy Bryant, 34, of Princeton, was arrested.

ATTEMPT TO COMMIT A FELONY: Officers responded to North Wickham Avenue in reference to two males trying to enter a residence. Sgt. T.A. Gray located both suspects and found a male subject following them. The male who followed advised that the two males had attempted to enter his residence. Later, one of the two males reported being blind and believed the other male to be leading him to his mother. The other male reported that he thought his belongs were inside. Carl Powell, Jr., 43, of Princeton, was arrested.

SOLICITING PROSTITUTION: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm located a female subject believed to be a prostitute soliciting a male along Mercer Street. Later, the officer contacted the female upon which she attempted to conceal a black pouch containing drug paraphernalia inside it. Allegedly, the female turned over the items, admitted to the prostitution and solicitation. Warrants are pending.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Officers responded to a call of two male subjects stumbling on Mercer Street. The officers located one of the male subjects and observed him to be "passed out" and highly intoxicated. The male allegedly refused to give the officers an address to take him home to. Scott Ellis, 44, of Fairmont, was arrested.

March 30

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported that someone had damaged her motorcycle trailer by shooting it.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported damage to her vehicle and that her purse was missing.

April 1

FRAUDULENT USE OF ACCESS DEVICE: A male subject reported his debit card had been stolen and was used at several Princeton businesses.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; BREAKING AND ENTERING (AUTO); GRAND LARCENY: A female subject reported items had been broken into and several items were missing.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT; FAILURE TO PROVIDE FINGERPRINTS; OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Officers responded to Christie Avenue in reference to a male subject threatened emergency dispatch officers. The dispatch officers advised that the male had threatened to go on a "shooting spree" because Princeton Rescue Squad hadn't got to his residence in a timely manner. The male subject allegedly continued to act belligerently in the presence of the officers. Steven Uhler, 37, of Princeton was arrested. Allegedly, he refused to provide fingerprints once he was in custody.

DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported that her boyfriend had forced her to drive to his residence, made her go to his apartment, ripped her shirt, and then got sick. She attempted to run downstairs to her car and lock herself inside. Allegedly, the male subject broke the glass and began choking the female before she could pull out and get away.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A male subject reported damage to his vehicle.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported one of her car's windows had been broken out.

April 2

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A male subject reported damage to his residence's door on Park Avenue.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported four batteries had been stolen from a truck  parked on South Wickham Avenue.

April 3

SHOPLIFTING (FIRST OFFENSE): The owner of New Colony Center on Ingleside Road reported an unknown female had stolen a pack of gum from his store.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (SECOND OFFENSE); DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI (FIRST OFFENSE): During a response to an accident on Courthouse Road, Ptlm. D.B. Morey observed a male subject who allegedly admitted to driving a vehicle. The officer noted the male subject had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, appeared to be staggering, couldn't keep his eyes open, and to have very small pupils. The officer learned the male subject to have a suspended driver's license. The officers conducted field sobriety tests which the male subject allegedly failed. The male registered a blood alcohol content of 0.000 but allegedly admitted to taking a prescription Xanax earlier that day. Charles Keatley, 42, of Princeton, was arrested.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Ptlm. B.E. Grimm responded to North Fifth Street in reference to a domestic battery. A female subject reported her boyfriend and her had gotten into an argument that escalated to physical violence. Allegedly, the male subject struck the female in the back of the head, slammed her into a door frame, and had punched her in the nose. The female appeared to have blood on her face and on her clothes but refused treatment. The male subject advised that he was defending himself against the female subject. Warrants are pending for both suspects.

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