Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

May 12, 2013

Mercer Sheriff and Princeton Police blotters May 2-7

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Mercer Sheriff

May 2

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject reported that the license plate from his car had been stolen.

May 3

STOLEN OR LOST LICENSE PLATE (INFORMATION ONLY): A male subject reported that the license plate on his wife's vehicle had been stolen.

May 4

RECKLESS DRIVING; DRIVING SUSPENDED FOR MISCELLANEOUS: Lt. J.E. Parks was on patrol near the cinemas located at Mercer Mall. The officer observed a truck allegedly come close to striking two parked cars and a moving vehicle. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver stopped the vehicle near a ramp on the mall property. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer handcuffed the driver and took him to his patrol car. A female passenger then exited the vehicle and began screaming at the driver. The male driver allegedly advised the officer that his license was suspended. The male subject reported that he and the female passenger had been arguing, allegedly causing him to drive in that manner. Ricky McMillion, 22, of Bluefield, was arrested.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Cpl. S.A. Sommers and Dep. K.M. Saddler were dispatched to the intersection of WV Route 20 and Maple Acres Road in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival, the officers located two vehicles, one damaged in the front, and one in the rear. A female driver of the vehicle damaged in the rear reported that she was traveling on Sandlick Road toward its intersection with WV Route 20 when the female driver of the other vehicle pulled out in front of her. The female drivers then turned on to WV Route 20 heading toward its intersection with Maple Acres Road. The female driver of the car with rear-end damage then slowed to merge on to Maple Acres Road. Allegedly, the female driver of the other vehicle struck her in the rear. The female driver of the vehicle with damage in the rear then attempted to continue to merge on Maple Acres where the driver of the other vehicle allegedly struck her vehicle in the side. The other driver's vehicle then allegedly struck a nearby sign before coming to rest in a parking lot. The officers were unable to locate any skidmarks from the driver's vehicle to indicate that she tried to stop. A witness allegedly confirmed the female driver's account of the event. The officers noted that the other female driver had problems responding to questions and keeping her balance. The female was then administered three field sobriety tests, which she failed. The officer noted that the female didn't have the odor of alcohol coming from her person and so believed her to be using another substance. The officers later located pill bottles in the female's vehicle. The female allegedly did not submit a sufficient sample of breath for chemical testing. Elizabeth Justice, 42, of Princeton, was arrested.

LEAVING THE SCENE WITH PROPERTY DAMAGE: A male subject reported to Dep. C.K. Lester that he was riding a bike on US Route 52 when a vehicle struck him and left the scene. The male also reported that his bike had been taken after the incident.

May 6

WORTHLESS CHECK: William Stone, 39, of Princeton, was located and arrested on a warrant.

DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported to Sgt. S.J. Cary that her son had come to her residence on Hobbs Place demanding money. The female subject refused to let the male subject into her home. Allegedly, the male subject then kicked the door in, entered the residence, and screamed at the female demanding money, The female subject then attempted to call for emergency services. Allegedly, the male subject grabbed her wrist and took the phone away. The male subject then allegedly took money from the female's purse before fleeing on foot.

WORTHLESS CHECK: Robert Childers, of Princeton, was arrested on a warrant.

May 7

BURGLARY (NIGHTTIME); PETIT LARCENY; BREAKING AND ENTERING: A female subject reported that a male subject had broken into her residence, taken cash and jewelry from her bedroom, and her medication. The female subject reported talking to the subject. Allegedly, when she kept talking, he threatened to lock her in the bathroom. Allegedly, he shook her hand before leaving. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.

PETIT LARCENY: A male subject living on Old Athens Road near Princeton reported his lawn mower had been stolen.

MISSING PERSON: A female subject reported that her granddaughter was missing. The female subject reported last hearing from her granddaughter on April 30 and believed her to be living in the Lashmeet area. Lt. K.W. Reed believed that the female had since moved out of the residence. The officer also noted that the female should have a young male child in her possession. The case was forwarded to detective bureau.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported damage to her vehicle parked at the Princeton Village Apartments.

May 8

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A female subject reported to Sr. Dep. W.C. Wilborn and Dep. A.M. Ballard that her boyfriend had taken her key to their residence on Nubbins Ridge Road and had struck her during an argument.

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported that several items had been stolen from her residence on Wyndale Drive.

Princeton Police

May 2

FRAUDULENT USE OF ACCESS DEVICE: A female subject reported that her debit card had been used without her permission on Facebook.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (FIRST OFFENSE): Ptlm. D.B. Morey responded to Beckley Road in reference to a possible driver under the influence. The officer, along with Ptlm. R.S. Gibson, located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  Upon speaking with the driver, the officers observed the male driver to have slurred speech, and droopy, glossy, and bloodshot eyes. The officers noted that they could smell alcohol coming from his person. The officers asked the male to exit the vehicle. Allegedly, the male advised that he had been drinking that night. The male allegedly failed three field sobriety tests and registered a 0.135 blood alcohol content. Jimmy Wright, 55, of Rock, was arrested.

May 3

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (FIRST OFFENSE): Lt. B.R. Woodard and other officers responded to Hale Avenue in reference to a vehicle on a sidewalk, revving its engine. The officers located the vehicle. The officers located the driver, allegedly passed out inside the vehicle. The officers opened the door of the vehicle and observed the driver to be unresponsive and allegedly had a bottle of alcohol between his legs. The officers then awakened the suspect  who allegedly appeared unstable on his feet and had odor of alcohol coming from his person. The male allegedly refused to take field sobriety tests and submit to blood alcohol testing. Charles Boyd, 44, of Princeton, was arrested.

PUBLIC INTOXICATION; DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Ptlm. D.B. Morey and other officers responded to the Princeton Rescue Squad in reference to a female creating a disturbance. The officers arrived and identified the female as someone they had told to go home previously. The officers noted that the female had alcohol in her possession and the odor of it coming from her person. Allegedly, the female began yelling at the officers. Patricia Schrader, 41, of Princeton, was arrested.

FORGERY, UTTERING: A female subject reported that her tax refund check had been stolen and cashed without her permission.

May 5

ENTERING WITHOUT BREAKING; PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported her home had been broken in to and her television was missing.