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February 18, 2013

Mercer County Sheriff's Department — Feb. 7-13, 2013

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Mercer Sheriff

Feb. 7

PETIT LARCENY (STOLEN LICENSE PLATE): Lt. J. Parks took a report that a license plate was stolen from a vehicle parked at the park-and-ride on Mt. Horeb Road.

Feb. 8

DOMESTIC BATTERY; VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST ELDERLY: Officers, including Dep. K.M. Saddler, responded to Pleasant Valley Drive in reference to a domestic battery. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with two subjects, one male and one female. The officer observed the male appeared to be intoxicated and confrontational with all parties at the scene. The female subject reported a cut on her leg that was bleeding. She stated that the male subject had "hit" her. The officers attempted to secure the male subject with handcuffs. Allegedly, the male resisted by pulling his wrist away from the officer. Another officer assisted in placing the male into the cuffs. The officer noted the male subject had hit his head against the cage inside of his patrol vehicle several times. Later, the officers spoke to the female subject who advised the male was on a "three day drinking binge" and became confrontational during. The female reported that the male subject allegedly started a fight with another male subject and when the female and that male attempted to subdue his efforts, struck the male several times in the face and had thrown the female causing her leg injury. Stephen Ashley, 46, of Princeton, was arrested.

Feb. 9

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; FAILURE TO OBEY STOP SIGN: Dep. K.M. Saddler located a vehicle traveling without headlights activated near Bluewell. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle by activating his lights but the male subject driving allegedly did not comply. During the incident, the driver allegedly turned on to a smaller road and waived his hand out the window and did not stop at a stop sign. After the driver pulled the vehicle into his driveway, the officers made contact and observed the driver appeared to have bloodshot and glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol on his person. Dep. J.D. Gills arrived and the driver allegedly confessed to having two beers. The officers gave the subject three field sobriety tests which he failed. In a preliminary breath test, the male registered a 0.112. Later, the officers performed another chemical test and the male registered at 0.097 BAC. Randy May, 51, of Bluefield, was arrested.

Feb. 10

OBSTRUCTING/RESISTING AN OFFICER; PEDESTRIAN ON ROADWAY: Dep. J.D. Gills arrived to assist a West Virginia State Trooper during a traffic stop for a possible DUI. The passenger of the vehicle asked if he could wait for a ride at the KMart across the road from their current location. The officer drove the male to that location and advised that he needed to stay until his ride arrived. The male allegedly ran across the road to the officer's location and advised he had lost his phone. The male said he believed it to be in the car in question. The officer placed the male subject inside of his vehicle for his safety while the officer retrieved the phone. The male allegedly became agitated and refused to comply with the officer's request to calm down. Robert Donnelly, 28, of Princeton, was arrested.

Feb. 11

CAPIAS WARRANT (TWO COUNTS): David Gilley, 25, of Morgantown, was located and arrested.

DOMESTIC BATTERY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Dep. M.S. Horn responded to Jones Hill Road in reference to a domestic disturbance. The officer arrived and made contact with a female who advised her boyfriend had smacked her across the face  which had caused her to bleed from her nose. The officer noted the female had blood on her shirt. She further advised the male subject reported threatened her life before her brother intervened. The officer noted damage to the residence which belongs to another female subject. The officer later learned the male subject had a history of domestic violence incidents. The male also was reported to have a preliminary BAC of 0.239. James Mabry, Jr., 47, of Bramwell, was arrested.

Feb. 12

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE; POSSESSION ALCOHOL BY MINOR: While on patrol on US 52 in Bluewell, Lt. J. Parks located a vehicle with an inspection sticker that appeared to have been taken off and then reattached. The officer noted that the car pulled to the right after he had turned around. When he passed the vehicle, he observed three people getting out. The officer returned a few minutes later and found the vehicle to be disabled. The officer stopped and upon requesting the license and identification of the driver located beer in the vehicle. The officer asked all involved if they were over 21. It was determined that none were over 21 and were unable to legally possess the beer. The driver advised that someone he had given a ride to earlier may have left the beer in the car.

PETIT LARCENY: A female subject reported her EBT card was stolen.

WORTHLESS CHECK: Betty Dequino, 67, of Bluefield, was located and arrested.

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Christopher Kelly, 35, of Richlands, Va., and Felicia Davis, 30, of Richlands, Va.  were located and arrested.

ENTERING WITHOUT BREAKING: A male subject advised that a male and female had stolen several items from a building he owned. Charges are pending.   

OBSTRUCTING: Capt. J.J. Ruble, the Southern Regional Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, and officers from the Mercer County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant on a residence in McComas. During the search, a female subject allegedly became belligerent and refused to obey the officers' commands. Amber Davidson, 25, of Montcalm, was arrested.

Feb. 13

CAPIAS (FAILURE TO APPEAR): Dep. C.K. Lester and W.C. Wilborn located and arrested Josh Walker, 31, of Beeson.

GRAND LARCENY (WARRANT): Lori Davis, 37, of Princeton, was located and arrested on a warrant from Raleigh County.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; GRAND LARCENY: A female subject reported copper wiring was missing from a home on Lortin Lick Road.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: A female subject reported damage to her vehicle. Warrants are pending.